MLoYM Chapter 50 – You Do Not Deserve It

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Jiang Yingyue was surprised when she heard this woman’s voice. Heard so much about her? Was it someone close to Han Qingshan since he had told her about herself? 

Was she perhaps his lover? Girlfriend? Rumors had it that scions of prominent families got engaged to famous debutantes of society to further increase their family’s standing? Could this be his fiance? 

Without understanding why, the moment Jiang Yingyue thought about this, her heart felt stifled and uncomfortable, and her nose started itching. But she quickly fought back the feeling of dread and looked alarmed at the beautiful woman in front of her. 

“I am, and who are you?” She asked tentatively. She had already reached her own conclusion, but she wanted to hear it from the woman herself. There was always a small hope that she had misunderstood. 

Unfortunately, this woman was not willing to answer her questions; all she said was, “You do not deserve to know.”

Feeling slightly annoyed, Jiang Yingyue said nothing in return. She felt hostility towards this woman, who had appeared in Han Qingshan’s home out of nowhere, with her own key to the condo. 

After looking at Jiang Yingyue for some time, the woman took out a blank check and placed it on the table together with a pen. 

“How much do you want?” She asked with a haughty voice, completely stunning Jiang Yingyue. She did not want or ask for money, okay? So why would this woman, who clearly hated her, throw money at her? 

“I don’t want your money,” Jiang Yingyue answered cooly, not really too warm or happy about what was going on. 

“So you want Han Qingshan’s money, but not mine? Have you suddenly grown a conscience saying that you can’t take money from a woman? Just quit your act, I know you got close to Han Qingshan because you wanted money, so state your price, and I will pay it. Just get the hell out and leave Han Qingshan alone.” 

Hearing the harsh words, Jiang Yingyue’s already pale face turned even paler with anger. She had known that there were some people at the top of society who were arrogant and rude, but this really took the bill. In fact, this woman was even more upsetting than He Yuyan. 

Did she look like some sort of a beggar? Just because they had money did not mean that they could do anything they wanted to ordinary people. Everyone had the right to live the way they wanted as long as it did not harm anyone. But apparently, the society was against her befriending Han Qingshan. 

“Watch your words,” Jiang Yingyue said through gritted teeth as she looked menacingly at the woman. She had already started to dislike her, but now it had grown into some major disgust. 

“Han Qingshan is a businessman, but he is too naive. You almost got run down by him on purpose, did you not? You did it so that he will feel guilty every time he sees you, and spoil you rotten! Look at you, you are already in his home even when he is not here!”

Jiang Yingyue felt annoyance listening to her voice. The voice, which some men would find pleasing to the ear, was like a shrill scream in the ear of Jiang Yingyue. Her appearance, which was considered a beauty, became twisted and ugly in her eyes. 

It was noon-time right now, so Jiang Yingyue knew that there would be quite a few hours before Han Qingshan would return to the condo. If this woman stayed for this long, then the time would not be enjoyable at all. 

Since she could not talk reason with this woman, Jiang Yingyue turned around, went to the couch and sat down. She turned on the tv and watched what was happening on the news, hoping for a new reversal of the Imperial World’s situation. 

Seeing herself being disregarded like this, the woman was simply livid with anger. 

“I tried the soft way!” she exclaimed. “I tried making you leave on your own, but you did not appreciate my offer and decided to make things difficult!”

She walked towards the door, and just as Jiang Yingyue thought that she would stomp out of the flat, leaving her alone again, she saw her summoning the bodyguards that were waiting outside instead. 

“Kick this plebeian out!” she ordered them, her face so filled with anger and hatred that even the bodyguards were shocked to see it. 

“Kick him out?” the bodyguards asked. They were shocked and looked at one another with doubt clearly showing in their eyes. 

“Yes! He is polluting this condo! He is a bad influence on Han Qingshan. He is a gold digger!” She hesitated for some time while considering what to say, in order to convince them and then a cunning smile flashed in her eyes. “He stole Han Qingshan’s things!” she declared, her words making Jiang Yingyue tremble with anger.

“I did not!” she exclaimed in defense, but the two bodyguards had already changed their demeanor towards her. 

Although they had been tasked with looking after Jiang Yingyue on behalf of their young master, they were not too pleased with the task, and now that the young miss was claiming he stole things, they would gladly chase him out. 

“Please follow me,” the biggest of the bodyguards said, gesturing for Jiang Yingyue to leave the house, not even letting him pick up his keys which were in the guest bedroom. 

These bodyguards were unaware of the fact that Jiang Yingyue was injured, and she was simply too tired to even bother discussing with them. They were the ones who would get in trouble when Han Qingshan returned. 

She believed in him. Even if this woman was his fiance, he would still never throw her out when she was as injured as she was. But unfortunately, he was not here right now to help her. 

She picked up her phone and was about to give him a call when the woman grabbed the phone from her hand and threw it on the ground before stomping on it. 

“This was something he gave you wasn’t it?” she asked with a menacing grin on her face. “You do not deserve anything that he bought using his hard-earned money!”

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