MLoYM Chapter 51 – Kicked Out

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Seeing the present that Han Qingshan had given her be destroyed like this made her temper flare up. 

“Who are you to decide what Han Qingshan can and cannot do with his own money?” Jiang Yingyue ridiculed. “If Han Qingshan listened to you, would I be here today? Would he consider me a friend? I am glad that he is more level-headed than a big idiot like yourself; all you can think of is money money money and being a Scrooge!”

“Get out! Leave right this instance!” The woman screamed, livid with anger. Her appearance was filled with ferociousness, and the two bodyguards simultaneously advanced towards Jiang Yingyue with expressions on their faces that showed that they too were anything but pleased with her. 

“Don’t regret this!” Jiang Yingyue sneered at them before she turned around and left the condo. 

The woman sneered and looked at her as if she was an idiot. What was there to regret? Han Qingshan would definitely listen to her over this new, cheap friend of his. 

Jiang Yingyue left the building, still fuming with anger and unsure of how to vent it. 

She was starting to feel pain again because she had not taken her painkillers after waking up. She also had no keys to go back home, neither a phone to call Han Qingshan. She did not even have her wallet as it had been laying, together with her keys, in the spare bedroom. 

At least she was downtown. Han Qingshan’s condo was located in the center of town, and it was not so far from the office building of the Han Corporation and the Imperial World Office. 

Contemplating for a moment about what to do next, Jiang Yingyue realized that she had started to rely on Han Qingshan more than ever before. Maybe she really was getting too addicted to the kindness he showered her with. Maybe she was slowly forgetting what life was like before when she only had herself and her parents. 

Knowing this, she decided to kill time until Han Qingshan would return home in the evening and went towards one of the parks that were located close to the condo. 

The park was filled with people. Couples were walking hand in hand, mothers were playing with their children, and the elderly were practicing tai chi and qigong in small groups. 

Finding a bench, Jiang Yingyue sat down and looked up at the blue sky. She was feeling rather uncomfortable, and her anger had nowhere to be vented, so all she could do was sit and contemplate. 

She thought about how she had met Han Qingshan. She thought about their short time together, and about how dependent she had already become. She started to realize that he had a much bigger influence on her than anyone else she knew. He could make her heart a mess, and make her happier than ever before; but he could also be the cause of her unhappiness and sadness. 

Right now, she was frustrated and sad. Why did Han Qingshan give his keys to such a frustrating young woman? Who was she to him? Just thinking about it made Jiang Yingyue’s heart ache, and that pain was even worse than the pain she felt from the wound on her side. 

Sighing, she closed her eyes and tried to think about happy things. As always, when she was depressed and close to giving up on everything, she would return to the days of her childhood. 

The days where she was with her beloved brother, telling him about the world or taking her friends to visit him so that they could all play together.

Thinking about these memories, her mood lifted somewhat, and her lips were tucked up in a smile. Yet somehow, the moment she smiled, she had an overwhelming urge to cry again. 

Even her fondest memories were not enough to remove the sense of impending doom and dread she had in her heart right now. 

At the same time, at Imperial World’s main office, Han Qingshan sent a text message to check up on whether or not Jiang Yingyue had eaten anything yet, but he never got a reply. 

He assumed that she was sleeping; the wound was deep, so it made sense for her to sleep for a long time, and thus, he once more buried himself in work. 

After a few hours, he sent a message again, but just like before, it was like throwing a pebble into a deep well; nothing was heard. 

It was now afternoon, and Han Qingshan had not heard anything from Jiang Yingyue. His heart started to feel uncomfortable. Was something wrong?

He had known that she was injured, so sleeping a lot was reasonable, but getting no reply for a full day was not. 

He was not capable of leaving the company right now since he had some paperwork that was important, but he was very worried about Jiang Yingyue, and thus he picked up his phone and dialed the number of the bodyguards he had placed at the condo. 

“Good day, CEO Han,” the voice of the bodyguard sounded through the phone, and Han Qingshan was somewhat relieved about hearing the voice of the bodyguard. 

“I have been unable to contact Jiang Fengmian all day, go to the condo and ensure that he is fine.”

“CEO Han does not need to worry about that thief. Young Miss Tang was here and confronted the little thief, throwing him out of your condo. He should not be causing you problems in the future.”

The more he spoke, the smugger the bodyguard became, but he was not close to Han Qingshan, so he did not sense the sudden drop in temperature, neither could he see the sunshine boy’s face turning menacing. 

“Tang Meixing came by and kicked out my guest?” He asked with a low voice, and the bodyguard finally sensed that something was wrong. 

“Yes…” he slowly answered, not sure of what they had done wrong. Was Tang Meixing not always pampered by Han Qingshan? Why would he suddenly become so furious from such a small thing? 

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