MLoYM Chapter 52 – Young Master Says “Find Him!”

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“Where did he go?” Han Qingshan asked through gritted teeth as he stood up from his chair, letting the papers be papers and picking up his keys.

“We don’t know,” the bodyguard answered trembling, remembering the words Jiang Yingyue had said before she left, about them regretting their actions. 

“Why is he not answering his phone?” Han Qingshan had a nagging feeling that something was wrong. If Jiang Yingyue really encountered such a problem, would she not have tried to contact him? Why would she just leave without saying anything? 

“About that…” the bodyguard paused, not sure about how to go on. But when he heard the silence on the other end of the phone, he had no other option than to answer. “Young Miss Tang grabbed his phone and broke it,” he finally admitted. 

Han Qingshan’s narrowed eyes widened in shock. He had indeed spoiled Tang Meixing, but for her to behave like that towards his guest, was it not way too overbearing? 

“Did he at least bring his keys and wallet with him when he was leaving?” Han Qingshan asked through gritted teeth, but the bodyguard’s silence answered the question quite clearly.

“Find him!” The order was given, and Han Qingshan pulled his windbreaker over his body before he left the room in large strides as he ended the phone call.

Then he called Hei Yi, and before the recipient even had the time to greet him, Han Qingshan gave an order: “Hei Yi, find Jiang Fengmian as soon as possible.”

“What happened?” Hei Yi asked curiously, but the only answer he got was silence. 

“What clearance level do I have to find him?” Hei Yi understood that it was a serious situation, but depending on the clearance level, he was not sure about what resources and people he could use. 

“Just find him as soon as possible without alerting the authorities. I don’t want anyone to know about us looking for him, but I want him to be returned to me as of right now.”

“My dear young master, you are becoming more and more gay,” Hei Yi sighed. “What is this about returning him to you? It is not like he belonged to you in the first place.”

Han Qingshan was about to answer that she did, in fact, belong to him, when he realized what he was about to say. Han Qingshan almost bit his tongue to swallow the words again. 

He did not understand why he suddenly felt this way about Jiang Yingyue. It was as if the young woman could affect his emotions with the smallest of gestures, and although he was always aloof from the world, he had found himself dragged down to the mortal world time and time again after meeting her.

“I care about him,” Han Qingshan finally said casually, but the words just caused Hei Yi to laugh out loud. “Right,” he readily agreed, “that is the funny thing. So far only your family has been in the category of people you care about, but now someone from outside appeared. Tell me, if those are not the signs of love, then I don’t know what is.”

“It is friendship!” Han Qingshan declined any thoughts about it being romance. Him falling for another man? Absurd! 

“If you say so…” Hei Yi, who was usually cold and apathetic was having a lot of fun recently. He felt that his master, who usually had a facade of being a sunshine boy, was finally revealing his real possessive nature. 

“Okay, I have deployed some of the hidden guards to find him, alongside the normal bodyguards. I sent a picture of him to all of them so they should find him shortly.” Hei Yi reported before he said, “I’d better stop the phone call now, they were all told to contact you when they found him, so don’t keep the phone line busy.” 

Without even waiting for Hei Yi to say farewell, Han Qingshan ended the phone call right away. 

He was not able to focus on work now. Although he knew that his guards would find Jiang Yingyuefast, he felt immensely guilty when he thought about how his friend had been chased out of his home just like that. 

Anger and indignation burned in his chest, as he swore that he would scold Tang Meixing when he was sure that Jiang Yingyue was safe. 

He was worried about how Jiang Yingyue would treat him in the future. Would she hate him? Would she blame him? Would she no longer be his good friend? His heart was uncomfortable when he thought about it, and he was suddenly rushing to find her, even more than before. 

He grumbled to himself and swore that in the future, he would not let anyone have the keys to his condo. Although it was a special case with Tang Meixing, he would never let her have it anymore either. She was already spoiled rotten by him, and now she was behaving unacceptably. 

Time went by slowly, and it felt as if every second took an eternity. Han Qingshan had no other option than to start driving around town aimlessly, trying to find his friend. But to search for one person in the middle of a crowd was simply the same as looking for a needle in a haystack. 

It took half an hour before he got a message from one of his hidden guards that Jiang Yingyuehad been found, and requested further orders. 

Han Qingshan instantly dialed up the number. “Where is he?” He asked, and the hidden guard respectfully replied, “He is in the park next to your home. He is not looking too healthy, his face is overly pale, and a thin sheen of sweat is beading on his forehead. He is resting on a bench, but his breathing is hurried. He seems to be in pain.”

The more the guard spoke, the more painful Han Qingshan’s heart felt. He could easily guess that Jiang Yingyue had not been able to take the painkillers and was currently experiencing extreme pain from the injury. 

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