MLoYM Chapter 53 – Only Rightful Place

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Han Qingshan ignored the speed limits as he drove towards his home as fast as he could, worried about what he had heard from his guard. 

When he arrived at the park, he parked the car on the side of the road, not caring about the fact that it was a no-parking zone. He rushed into the park itself looking at every single bench, searching for Jiang Yingyue. 

When he finally located the young woman, his heart trembled in his chest. Seeing Jiang Yingyue looking that weak, he felt guilty. If not for Tang Meixing, she would have been relaxing at home and feeling much better.

Jiang Yingyue was leaning back against the backrest of the bench. Her eyes were tightly closed, and her brows furrowed; she was feeling pain both physically and mentally, and she was not happy at all. 

Suddenly she felt her entire body soar as someone grasped her by the waist and under the arms, lifting her up as one would carry a princess. 

She was stunned, and her eyes opened up wide, staring into the handsome, but very worried, face of Han Qingshan. 

“What are you doing here?” She could not help but ask in surprise when she saw him, her face completely displaying her shock. That expression just made her seem even more adorable in the eyes of Han Qingshan who chuckled when he saw it. 

“Someone told me that there were problems at home. So, of course, I had to appear as the knight in shining armor and save the princess,” he joked, but his words just made Jiang Yingyue blush and pout her adorable little mouth. 

“I am not a woman, so how can I be a princess?” She muttered, but her blushing face betrayed her sour words.

The more Han Qingshan saw her behaving like this, the more he started to feel that she was adorable, and he squeezed her to his chest, feeling that she was incredibly soft to the touch. 

He was very careful not to touch the wound on her side, but he refused to let her down, carrying her towards the car.

When they reached the car, he gently placed her on the passenger seat, and buckled up the seatbelt before getting in on the driver’s side and started to drive the car away. 

In the park, many had observed the scene of a young handsome man carrying another handsome man, and many had taken photos of it. Most of the people who cared about fashion and wealth knew the appearance of Han Qingshan, and amongst the people in the park, quite a few had recognized him. 

The pictures quickly made it to the tabloids and the news agencies, and suddenly everyone in the news world was suffering from a great headache. 

They wanted to publish the story, wanting to display proof that Han Qingshan was, in fact, gay, but they dared not. If the Han Corporation became displeased with them, then their companies would be incapable of surviving. 

Since this was the case, they had to be very careful with how to go about doing it.

Many journalists started digging into the identity of the other man in the picture, and they came across an interesting post, on the Imperial University’s forum, about him and a young man named Jiang Fengmian. 

They tried digging into the background information about this Jiang Fengmian but found that everything had been sealed off. So all they managed to get was that he was a scholarship student at Imperial University; everything else about him was unknown. 

Journalists hurried to the Imperial University, trying to figure out more information about him, and soon they found that he had graduated from Riluo High.

After figuring out that he came from Riluo High, they also heard that he was a scholarship student and that he came from a family with below average income. 

Instantly, their eyes shone with excitement. If this Jiang Fengmian had been a woman, it would be the ideal Cinderella story that everyone would love to read about. 

Contemplating how best to break the news about Han Qingshan having fallen for a poor youngster from his university; the journalists wrote many articles, but all of them were declined by the higher-ups out of fear for insulting the Han Corporation. 

In the end, the journalists could not handle it anymore. They started posting their articles on the different forums around town, and even on Weibo under secondary accounts. 

While the journalists were busy, Jiang Yingyue was being brought back to Han Qingshan’s flat where she was being observed while consuming the painkillers, and then she was placed on the couch before Han Qingshan went to the study. 

What he was doing when he was in there, Jiang Yingyue did not know, neither did she care. She was focused fully on the feeling of no longer having pain in her side. She closed her eyes and rested her head against the top of the couch, feeling sleepy again. 

She was unsure of how long it took, but she heard the footsteps of Han Qingshan coming back towards the sitting room. Even hearing his footsteps calmed her down, and a smile flitted across her lips. 

Han Qingshan looked around the living room, and upon seeing Jiang Yingyue on the couch with a cute smile on her face, his palpitating heart finally calmed down again. 

Things were finally the way they were supposed to be; having Jiang Yingyue at home, where he knew where she was. It felt like it was the only right thing to do. 

Thinking back to the conversations he had just had, his mood turned slightly sour. Jiang Yingyue opened her eyes and looked at Han Qingshan, seeing his slightly annoyed expression she could not help but wonder if something was wrong, and whether or not she had caused him problems. But she was really not to blame this time. 

Before Jiang Yingyue had the time to say anything, a knock was suddenly heard on the door, and Han Qingshan went toward the hallway to open the door. 

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