MLoYM Chapter 55 – Young Master is a Hooligan

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“Are you Han Qingshan’s assistant?” Jiang Yingyue was the first to speak. She had been told that his assistant was coming, but she had never seen him before, so she was slightly hesitant. Was this the one? 

The man pushed his glasses up and nodded his head. “That would be me,” he answered with a flat voice, feeling a little uncomfortable. How was he supposed to talk to this young person in front of him?

“Han Qingshan is taking a shower,” Jiang Yingyue said, her face flashing a brilliant smile at Song Liwei, who was blinded by her beauty and only regained his senses after a moment. 

“He told me you would be coming with some papers, and that I should accept them from you,” she relayed his words, and Song Liwei was even more shocked when hearing that. 

The papers he had brought were very important documents. They were even confidential, but now he was supposed to hand them over to this person of ordinary background whom his CEO had only known for a very short amount of time? 

Was this a wise choice? Still, he could hear the sound of the water in the bathroom, and seeing how Han Qingshan had dropped everything in his hands earlier for the sake of this young woman, he did not doubt her. 

Clearing his throat, he ruminated through his briefcase before finding a stack of papers that he handed over to Jiang Yingyue, who accepted them readily. 

“Should I do something special now? Sign some papers to prove that I have accepted them or something?” She was not familiar with the transfer of papers, so she was somewhat confused. Was this it? 

Hearing her somewhat naive question, Song Liwei started to understand why his CEO had taken such a liking to this person. It was obvious that she was like a breath of fresh air, not at all stuck up, and quite cute too. 

Song Liwei was horrified when he thought like that. How could he, a man, consider another man cute? Frowning he shook his head, “It is enough that you ensure that they get given to CEO Han as soon as possible. The company is in quite a tight spot.” 

Jiang Yingyue nodded her head as she heard this, and she said her farewell to Song Liwei before closing the door and entering the condo once more.

She went towards the bathroom and knocked on the door. “Yes?” She heard Han Qingshan call out from amongst the sound of the cascading water.

“Where should I place your papers?” She asked, with a slightly embarrassed voice. “Put them on the table in my study,” he answered. “You should know where it is.”

Jiang Yingyue made a sound of acknowledgment and went towards the study. She pushed open the door and went to the desk, placing the documents on the top of the table. 

She was in deep thought throughout the entire time. She really wanted to help Han Qingshan with the situation, but what could be done? 

It suddenly dawned upon her that there was one thing that most of them had seemed to forget. A smile flitted across her lips, and she had a brilliant idea.

She returned to the couch and sat down, eager to tell Han Qingshan about her sudden epiphany. And when she heard the door to the bathroom open she ran there, without caring about anything else than sharing her sudden idea.

“Han Qingshan, I thought up an idea!” she said excitedly before she came to a sudden halt. 

In front of her was a half-naked man. Han Qingshan was only wearing a pair of loose cotton pants that hung loosely around his waist. His toned skin was still wet from the water dripping from his hair, and running down his muscular body. 

She was stumped, all thoughts vanished from her mind, and she suddenly opened her eyes wide; her mouth gaped, and she looked absolutely horrified. She lifted her head and looked into the eyes of Han Qingshan, who seemed as if he was testing something with her reaction, but she never caught this particular glean in his eyes. 

“Hooligan!” she said shocked, and her face suddenly blushed red before she turned her back towards him.

“Why am I a hooligan? We are both men,” Han Qingshan said smilingly, trying to figure out whether or not the person in his house was actually gay. He had wanted to test her reaction, but from what he had seen, there was no question about it. 

He could not help but feel rather smug about the way that Jiang Yingyue had been unable to drag her eyes away from his body. He had felt it was quite some praise, but he also felt he had overdone it when he saw how she was blushing all the way to her ears which were completely red. They were visible even after she had turned around, having her back facing him.

Jiang Yingyue suddenly thought about her idea, and her previous eagerness returned. “Quickly, go get dressed,” she chirped happily. “I thought of something that might help you, so don’t waste any more time!” 

She did not turn around, but she was visibly relieved when she heard the sound of footsteps moving away from behind her. 

She raised her hand and put it over her beating heart. It was beating so fast that she could not help but take a deep breath trying to calm herself down. However, whenever she closed her eyes, all she could see was the perfect image of an almost nude Han Qingshan. 

Slapping her cheeks lightly, she muttered to herself: “Don’t think!” before she went to get yet another glass of water. She was suddenly feeling oddly thirsty. 

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