MLoYM Chapter 56 – Cooking for the Young Master

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After drinking her water, Jiang Yingyue was feeling much better. She managed to completely disregard her own embarrassing situation earlier, and instead focused on the idea she had about helping Han Qingshan getting his company back on track. 

She felt giddy at the thought of being able to help him, but also slightly worried that it would not be useful as Han Qingshan was a brilliant businessman, so maybe he had already thought about it. 

Hearing the door open, Jiang Yingyue happily went over. Han Qingshan, having changed his clothes, exited his room and was met by the sight of Jiang Yingyue coming running towards him with a sweet smile on her face. She resembled a small puppy; had she had a tail, then it would definitely be wagging, and his heart melted slightly at the sight. 

“Han Qingshan!” Jiang Yingyue exclaimed happily when she saw him, grabbed his hand and dragged him to the sitting room, where she pushed him down on the couch and sat down in front of him. 

“Since Starry Sky Entertainment can steal your artists, who can stop you from stealing theirs back?” She asked with a glimmer in her eyes. 

“Think about it!” she said happily, “The Starry Sky Entertainment Agency might have the backing of some rich person, but they are still only starting to move upwards. They cannot have as many resources as you do, and now they have so many people who need to share the same resources.

“To be lured over, they must have been promised some serious benefits, not just money but also resource wise. Otherwise, they would never have budged as fame is what they want; money is something they already have.

“So, the older artists, the ones who are already in the company, will be deprioritized for the newer stars. 

“Now is your time to strike! Contact their old stars. You have a lot of resources now which are ownerless so you won’t be taking from others. Although you might not be able to guarantee them as much as what the ones who jumped ship got, it should still be enough to make them waver.

“Especially when you consider that they have to suddenly share their resources with others.

“So what I wanted to tell you was, why not just think of it as an eye for an eye? Go after their artists and get revenge! At the same time, you will be able to stabilize the company!” 

Jiang Yingyue looked immensely pleased with herself as she thought about how she had come up with this idea, even Han Qingshan was somewhat surprised.

It was not that he had not planned on going this road, but to hear Jiang Yingyue suggest it, he suddenly felt his heart turn warm.

“Mhm,” he agreed, “I am planning on doing that. That is not a bad idea.”

Hearing this, the face of Jiang Yingyue lit up even more brilliantly than it had done before. 

“Okay, I better start working now,” Han Qingshan said as he rose from the couch. “Watch some TV or play some games,” he ordered her. “If you need anything come to fetch me, and I will get someone to retrieve it for you. You are not allowed to leave the flat before you are healthy again.”

“I am already much better,” Jiang Yingyue mumbled, forgetting that the reason she was feeling much better was because of the rather powerful painkillers that Han Qingshan had provided her with.

It was only earlier that day that she had been in serious pain because of her wound, but she was a simple character, out of sight, out of mind. 

But she understood that he had to work a lot, so she did not argue with him. Instead, she just waved her small hand and went to the couch; she sat down and started watching a drama on TV. 

The drama was named Blue Phoenix, and it was about a novel she had read once before. Although she was not reading a lot of books that weren’t related to her classes, she still did so from time to time, and she had found that web novels were a pleasant way to relieve her boredom. 

Since she rarely spent time together with other people, reading had been a great joy of hers. She enjoyed a wide variety of novels, from cultivation novels to modern romances. 

Seeing that the novel on TV was Blue Phoenix, she was quite happy. She had always liked the main character in Blue Phoenix and the adventures. So she happily found a blanket and some pillows and laid down in a comfortable position on the couch. 

While Jiang Yingyue was happily watching Blue Phoenix, Han Qingshan’s mood had also lifted. He contacted Song Liwei, and together the two of them began planning the counter-attack. 

Like this, the time went by slowly. It was not before Blue Phoenix had finished airing three episodes that she realized that it had gotten late. 

She had not yet had dinner, and neither had Han Qingshan. She looked around the kitchen and found that Han Qingshan had quite a lot of fresh ingredients. 

He was not one to cook, so why would he suddenly have a fridge filled with vegetables and fruits? There were even some prawns and shrimps? 

She found all of the ingredients she needed and began making some crystal prawn dumplings. 

Although it was more of a snack than an actual meal, she assumed that Han Qingshan had been working all evening, up until now. So even if he had a full meal he might not have the time for it. Instead, she planned on making some simple crystal prawn dumplings first, and then make a proper meal later on, when he would be done working for the day.

It took her around half an hour to make the food, and when she was done, she hurried towards the study with a plate full of crystal prawn dumplings. 

As she stood outside the door, she suddenly became nervous. Would she disturb him if she entered now? 

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