MLoYM Chapter 57 – Like a Newlywed Wife

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After contemplating for a moment, she knocked on the door. He had said that if she needed anything, she should just come and ask him, so it should be the same now. 

“Come in,” he said in a somewhat absent-minded voice, and Jiang Yingyue quickly pushed open the door and entered with a plate full of crystal prawn dumplings.

The scent of the food wafted into the room, and Han Qingshan, who had been buried in his work, lifted his head when the scent reached him. 

Jiang Yingyue was not certain, but suddenly she thought she could hear the sound of a stomach growling, and a relieved smile came onto her lips. She had done the right thing to cook him some food. 

She stepped forward and reached out the plate. “Eat something,” she said with a soft voice, “You have worked hard, but you haven’t gotten anything to eat yet. You can’t treat yourself this way. I know it is important to get things done, but it is also important to treat yourself well.”

Hearing the words, and the soft voice that said them, Han Qingshan felt incredibly moved. Although his family loved him, they were used to working hard, and it was not rare for them to skip meals when working. 

He had never before experienced what he was experiencing now; that someone was cooking for him and reminding him to look after himself as well, softened his heart. 

Seeing him taking the plate gratefully, Jiang Yingyue felt successful. “Do you also want a cup of tea?” She asked as well, before gesturing behind her, “I was going to make a cup for myself so I would make you one too, but I was afraid of disturbing you.

“Also, I used the ingredients in your kitchen to cook these. I hope you don’t mind. It is just something simple, and I did not cook a proper meal, because I doubt you would have the time to eat it all. But a few dumplings are better than not eating anything at all.”

Jiang Yingyue felt rather flustered, so she started rambling on about whatever came to mind. Her face had heated up again because she felt like she was behaving too much like a newlywed housewife, but she really was worried about him. 

“Thank you,” he said smilingly, shaking his head at how cute Jiang Yingyue was behaving. 

Hearing his thank you, she stopped talking and slowly nodded her head. “Well, please enjoy the food. If you don’t mind, I will cook a proper meal that can wait for you when you have finished working,” she offered, and Han Qingshan’s eyes lit up in happiness.

“Would you really cook a meal for me?” He asked, incredulously. He was not used to someone doing such things for him, so when he heard her offer it, he was touched. 

“Of course!” Jiang Yingyue smiled sweetly, unaware of how mellow her attitude towards him had become. “I have nothing to do, and you are already helping me a lot by letting me stay here, so the least I can do is cook for you.”

“Then I would love to taste some more of your food,” he grinned. Suddenly work did not feel as difficult as before.

“I stocked up on groceries after eating at your place,” Han Qingshan said casually. “I wanted to cook food, but after trying to make some braised pork ribs, I gave up again. It was nowhere near as easy as I had expected,” he lamented. 

Hearing this, Jiang Yingyue laughed slightly. “Cooking is an art, and it takes time to learn,” she explained. “I can teach you one day if you would like to learn,” she promised before she looked around. 

“Anyway, let me fetch you a cup of tea, you need something to keep you awake while working,” she said, and then she turned around, heading towards the kitchen once more.

After handing over the cup of tea, Han Qingshan munched on the crystal prawn dumplings before he once again focused on work. Seeing him so focused, Jiang Yingyue also left the room, allowing for him to work in peace.

She went back to the kitchen and found all the different ingredients. She found two whole chickens alongside some vegetables. Wondering what Han Qingshan wanted to do with this much food, she picked the two chickens and some vegetables and started cooking. 

She made a chicken corn soup, soy sauce chicken, sautéed chili and garlic greens with a side of rice. The meal was very simple, but it was hearty and delicious. 

Packing the dishes so that they were easy to reheat later, she returned to the couch to watch more TV. She was not willing to watch the news anymore; she had complete faith that Han Qingshan would solve the problem, so listening to the news would do nothing more than sour her mood. 

She kept watching dramas all night. Some of them were romance dramas, and others were period dramas. Time flew by, and by the time Han Qingshan came out of the study, it was already the middle of the night. 

He walked into the sitting room and saw that the TV was still on. A variety program was running at that point in time, but he heard no noise coming from Jiang Yingyue. 

When he looked at the couch, he found that Jiang Yingyue was laying there, sleeping peacefully with a pillow under her head and another pillow in her arms, serving as a teddy bear. 

Chuckling slightly, Han Qingshan moved to the kitchen where he saw that the chicken dishes, the greens, and the rice had been prepared for him, only needing to be reheated. 

The smile on his face deepened. But before he started eating, he went to the couch, lifted the sleeping Jiang Yingyue and carried her to the guest room.

The moment he lifted her up, he suddenly felt that the body in his arms was incredibly soft. It was slim and not at all masculine. 

He had previously seen it being thin, and initially, he had excused it with malnutrition, but now he realized that she was also very soft and tender. 

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