MLoYM Chapter 58 – Home Alone

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When they reached the bed in the guest room, Han Qingshan placed the sleeping Jiang Yingyue on the bed. Seeing that she had not woken up during the entire time, a gentle smile flitted across his lips, but it was quickly replaced by a sudden emptiness in his heart. 

As he looked down on Jiang Yingyue, his heart clenched, and he suddenly felt an indescribable feeling in his innermost being. He could not put into words how he was feeling, nor did he understand it. 

It was a faint fear, but also slight happiness. It was hard to explain, he had never in his life felt this way before, and it was causing him to feel panicked for a short moment. 

However, after glancing at Jiang Yingyue’s relaxed expression and her slightly parted mouth, he felt calm again. The heart which had felt empty was full, and he suddenly reached out a hand and stroked the young woman’s forehead ever so gently. 

Feeling the lingering warmth on his fingertips, he unwillingly pulled back his hand and looked at Jiang Yingyue for a bit longer before he sighed, shook his head and left the room. As to what he was thinking, no one knew. 

When Jiang Yingyue woke up the following morning, she rubbed her eyes, wondering how she had managed to get into the guest room. Her body was feeling light and much more comfortable than it had the day before when she had woken up.

Although there was still a dull pain on her side, it was nowhere near as intense as it had been the day before. 

She saw that there were some clothes laid out for her; it was not her own clothes, but they were surprisingly in her size. So she quickly deduced that Han Qingshan had bought her clothes, although she had told him to just fetch her own. 

She was somewhat embarrassed by having Han Qingshan spending so much money on her, but she understood his choice this time. He simply did not have the time to go to her home in order to fetch her clothes, so he had likely asked his bodyguards to find some clothes for her.

Thinking about bodyguards, Jiang Yingyue could not help but wonder what had happened to the two who had been told to look after her, but in the end, kicked her out. 

When she returned back with Han Qingshan that day, she seemed to recall seeing some new bodyguards, but she did not seem to notice the faces of the old ones among them.

She had been sleeping with the bandages on her chest, so she was feeling slightly uncomfortable. Usually, nighttime would be the only time of day when she could be without bandages, but while being at Han Qingshan’s home, she dared not remove them.

She quickly changed into the clothes that Han Qingshan had prepared for her. The clothes she usually wore were quite baggy on her, while the clothes that Han Qingshan had ordered seemed to fit her perfectly.

Fortunately, he had also gotten her an oversized sweater. So although the pants were figure-hugging, the curves were in turn hidden by the oversized sweater, so she felt relieved. All that could be said was that she had very slim legs, but although they were slim, it was not unheard of for men to have slim legs, and the pants were male styled too, so it did not look as if she was a woman. 

When she exited the room, she found that Han Qingshan was not present. On the coffee table was a small note which stated that he had to go to work. Next to it was another new iPhone which had been set up like the last one. 

She picked up the phone, sent a text to Han Qingshan to say that she was awake and to thank him for the phone, and then she went to wash. She still had to ensure that no water hit the wound, but she could at least wash herself. 

After washing and rebandaging her chest and her waist, she once again put the new clothes on before going to the kitchen again. 

The fridge was still stocked with food, so this time she cooked a wide variety of easy-to-eat snacks such as small crispy spring rolls and dumplings. She even made some scallion pancakes and some steamed pork buns. 

She spent the whole day in the kitchen cooking. She did not take any painkillers as the dull pain was manageable now, and she decided to discuss with Han Qingshan about her returning home the following day so that she could resume going to the university again. 

She had just begun studying, and she was already absent for a few days. Although there was no requirement to show up to lessons, she still had exams and assignments she needed to prepare for and hand in. 

She was not a genius like Han Qingshan. She was working hard to be able to maintain her position at the top of the class. 

After finishing the mountain of quick and easy foods, she began prepping and cooking the dinner for her and Han Qingshan. 

She had been snacking on the things she had cooked all day, so she was not really hungry. But thinking about Han Qingshan who had been out working all day, she doubted he had the time to eat a meal yet, so she wanted a hearty tableful of food ready for his return.

In the end, she had used almost all the seafood, and last night she used up the chickens, so now a pork belly was all that was left, alongside fruits and vegetables.

In the end, she made red braised pork alongside a pork and vegetable soup, steamed rice, and an apple salad. 

After cooking, she started cleaning up the kitchen before she began cleaning the condo. Although it was already rather clean, she liked having something to do, and now that she was better, her hands were itching to move. 

She was still wearing an apron as she was washing the floors, and it was not before she was almost done that she heard the front door open.

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