MLoYM Chapter 59 – Withering Flower

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When Han Qingshan opened the door, what greeted him was not the usual cold and unfeeling condo as he was used to. But instead, the sound of music playing, alongside the delicious scent of food.

When he walked in, he quickly took his jacket off and hung it in the hallway. He then took off his shoes and entered the sitting room where he located Jiang Yingyue. 

The moment his eyes landed on her, he was stumped for words. She was wearing an apron she had found in his kitchen, her messy hair was even messier than usual, but a brilliant smile adorned her face.

She had just finished washing the floors in the study and the guest room; she had not entered his bedroom, nor had she gotten to clean the bathroom just yet. 

But the rest of the flat was sparkling clean, and when he saw Jiang Yingyue standing like that, cleaning his home, cooking food for him, it was truly like coming home to a loving wife. 

Even worse was it when the smiling Jiang Yingyue opened her mouth and said sweetly, “Welcome home, good work today!” 

“Mhm, I am home,” Han Qingshan said with a smile on his handsome face and stepped into the house. 

“Have you eaten yet?” she asked, not noticing the scene was rather unusual, nor noticing Han Qingshan’s odd gaze at her while she was wearing the apron. 

A sudden urge to take the person into his arms and remove the apron washed over Han Qingshan, stunning him in his tracks. The urge was so strong that it took all his willpower to stand against it. 

Without noticing the predatory gaze that Han Qingshan had in his eyes, Jiang Yingyue quickly began to pack up the things she had used, cleaned the tools, and washed her hands. 

“Go wash your hands and get into some comfortable clothes, I will prepare the meal while you do so,” Jiang Yingyue said, slightly concerned about Han Qingshan. 

She had no doubt that he had not eaten all day, so she took the lead in deciding that he was to eat before getting a bath. 

Han Qingshan nodded his head. He had originally wanted to soak in the bathtub to help soothe his tired body, but when he entered and smelled the delicious food, he quickly changed his opinion and decided that it was time for a meal first.

After washing up and changing his clothes, Han Qingshan entered the kitchen and saw that the dining table had some delicious-looking dishes on the table, while Jiang Yingyue was busy brewing tea at the kitchen counter. 

Sitting at the table he wondered how Jiang Yingyue knew exactly what he wanted. Any one of the friends from his circle would have found a bottle of wine because that was more luxurious. But after a hard day’s work, what he needed was not wine, but instead tea. 

Jiang Yingyue was unaware of what was going through the mind of Han Qingshan. She was frugal and could not see the purpose of drinking wine on a working day. Wine was expensive and should only be drunk when celebrating something.

Not to mention, she only dared to drink it with her parents. And since she wasn’t drinking wine, then she completely forgot about Han Qingshan maybe wanting some alcohol with his meal.

As they sat down at the table, Jiang Yingyue quickly poured some tea for Han Qingshan and started scooping up food for him. 

“Quickly, eat while it is still hot,” she said with a smile that displayed her two canine teeth, making her seem unbridled and handsome. 

When looking at her, she undoubtedly looked like a handsome young man. But even so, this handsome young man managed to make Han Qingshan feel some emotions he had never felt before.

Being completely clueless, Han Qingshan could not help but muse that it must be because he had never had a real friend before, that Jiang Yingyue was someone he treated specially because she was his first real friend. 

Seeing that Han Qingshan was eating obediently, Jiang Yingyue felt happy and began preparing about how to ask for permission to go back home and begin university again. 

“Han Qingshan, I am feeling much better now, I don’t even need to take the painkillers anymore. While I enjoy being here, I think it is about time for me to go home again and return to university.” She spoke hesitatingly because she noticed that the more she spoke, the blacker Han Qingshan’s face became. 

Her voice had turned very low by the time she finished speaking, but she couldn’t help but wonder why he would get so upset about her returning home. Surely he was not too used to living together with someone either, so he should be grateful to go back to his usual lifestyle.

“You still haven’t had the stitches taken out,” he pointed out. “So living at home could be inconvenient since your parents work all the time, and they do not have the ability to rush home, should something happen.”

Jiang Yingyue was about to comment that he too worked a lot, but then she remembered that he had stationed bodyguards outside the doors to cater to her every need, so she never had any problems. 

“What about university then?” she pleaded. “I am not in too much pain anymore, and I really can’t continue to skip classes if I want to maintain my scholarship.”

Han Qingshan did not answer her immediately. Instead, he glanced at her hopeful face and sighed. 

“You can attend university on the condition that you bring the two bodyguards with you,” he finally relented. “Someone was out to hurt you intentionally, so you have to be careful when you move around in the future. Until I have caught who did it, you will have to accept being protected by bodyguards.”

Jiang Yingyue frowned. She was not some delicate flower who could be crushed with the slightest effort, but Han Qingshan truly treated her like a treasure.

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