MLoYM Chapter 6 – Young Master, Back Off!

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The day was long, and the first class was spent as an introduction to the course. It was to prepare every student for what they should expect and what was expected from them.

“Then, let us introduce ourselves,” the teacher said, glancing at his watch. It turned out that he had finished his planned material earlier than expected, and as he did not want the students to leave early, he could only suggest that they start to introduce themselves.

Each and every one of the students started looking at one another, unwilling to be first, so the teacher, who was looking at the classroom called out, “You there, in the back row. You start.” 

It just so happened that the person on the back row was Jiang Yingyue. With a sigh, she straightened her back. “I am Jiang Fengmian,” she began her introduction, “eighteen years old and a graduate of Riluo High.”

When she introduced herself, the entire classroom turned completely quiet before mayhem broke out. 

“He is Jiang Fengmian!?” someone asked with a slightly high-pitched voice. “How can that be? The one who reached the highest score in the entrance tests for the last two years is this boy? I thought he was just a pretty face, but it seems he is also smart!”

“I only picked this subject so that I could study together with Prince Fengmian,” one of the girls from Riluo High said with a smug look on her face. “Although Prince Fengmian is a scholarship student, he will surely become someone important one day. I believe in him.”

“He is a scholarship student?” One of the guys asked, a slight disdain in his voice. But before he had the chance to say more, all the girls glared at him as if he was the murderer of their fathers. 

“Prince Fengmian is considerate and works hard. There is nothing wrong with being a scholarship student; he is gentle and friendly towards everyone. It is every girl’s dream to become Prince Fengmian’s lover!”

“I thought you wanted to be the lover of Young Master Shan,” someone muttered, but no one dared to say more when they saw how crazy the girls had become in protecting their ‘Prince Fengmian’, who they considered to be their most prized possession. 

All the while, Jiang Yingyue was seated in her chair, looking as if it was not her they were discussing. Elbow propped up on the table, she rested her head on a hand. She looked casual and elegant, so attractive that just sitting there made the girl’s hearts race. 

The conversation caused the teacher to feel stumped, but he said nothing in the end. He too had been curious about the genius who had joined their course, and he was stunned when he saw Jiang Yingue’s handsome face. 

He had expected many things, from a fat little girl to a young woman with a cold temperament, but this flirtatious and casual person was not one of them. 

The conversation continued until the bell rang, where Jiang Yingyue was one of the first to leave the classroom. She had left a positive impression on all the students, and she had gotten all the information she needed about her course. 

Fortunately, it was allowed to have a part-time job while studying, and she was wondering where she should start looking while walking around, not paying too much attention to her surroundings.

As she walked around a corner, she bumped directly into a human wall, her nose colliding straight into the other person’s chest, and both of them recoiled severely, taking a few steps backward to stabilize themselves.

As Jiang Yingyue lifted her head, she was stunned to see that she recognized the young man in front of her. It was the one known as Young Master Shan, the one who had ran her over with his car on her graduation day.

The words “I am sorry,” that she had been about to say were swallowed back, and the apologetic look in her eyes turned cold. She was like a small hedgehog coiling up to reveal its spikes.

Han Qingshan was rather surprised when someone walked into him, and he turned around just in time to see how the change of the young woman’s face in front of him was happening. 

He saw how she looked as if he wanted to say ‘I am sorry’, but then her lips pursed and her eyes turned cold. Clearly, this young woman still had a bad impression of him. 

Then again, anyone who had almost lost their life in a car accident would be rather displeased with the culprit, so Han Qingshan did not take it to heart. Instead, he flashed his most professional smile. 

“We meet again, what a coincidence,” he said, as if it was an actual coincidence that he had appeared around the psychology faculty’s classrooms. 

The many people who were nearby saw how the always serene Young Master Shan suddenly smiled at Jiang Yingyue; with a friendliness that was rarely seen.

Although Han Qingshan was a friendly person, he never really bothered interacting with other people. To see him take the initiative to contact someone, that person in question had to be rather special. And what did he say? They had met before? Who was this handsome young woman that no one had the impression of seeing before? 

Seeing that Jiang Yingyue was not answering, but instead getting ready to walk past him, Young Master Shan suddenly blocked her way. The smile on his face was still as gentle and friendly as before, but somehow it just made Jiang Yingyue annoyed. 

Who was this person, and why had he decided to annoy her? 

“We were lucky to meet one another again, so why don’t we become acquainted with each other? I know of a good cafe, let us go there and have a cup of coffee. I also want to apologize for what happened last time.” Han Qingshan was not going to give up, but Jiang Yingyue was no pushover either.

Looking at him with some annoyance, Jiang Yingyue stepped to the side, but no matter where she went, Han Qingshan kept blocking her.

“Young Master Shan, back off!” Jiang Yingyue said through her gritted teeth. 

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