MLoYM Chapter 60 – Gentleness

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Jiang Yingyue felt that it was a bit too over the top to have bodyguards protecting her at all times, but she was quite excited about returning to class, so she readily agreed to his request. 

She did not doubt that with Han Qingshan’s power, figuring out who had harmed her would be a simple task. And that probably the only reason he did not have answers yet, was because he had been too busy dealing with Imperial World. 

She was unaware that he had, in fact, looked into it, but the information had been blocked by whomever it was that had captured the woman overseas. 

He had used every means possible, but it had proven futile, and even Hei Yi was currently incapable of finding any leads. 

This, however, was enough to make Han Qingshan doubt Zhou Yan even more. Although he was unaware of what he had done to cause such enmity, he was one of the very few people who could hide information from him overseas. 

Jiang Yingyue was unaware of what Han Qingshan was thinking about, but she saw his expression darkening. Could it be that he was changing his mind about letting her go back to university? 

She quickly said, “No worries, I will accept even ten bodyguards if they were sent by you!” 

Unfortunately, her words made Han Qingshan’s eyes brighten. Ten bodyguards was not a bad idea. 

Seeing his brightening face, Jiang Yingyue quickly moved her hands in front of her. “Just joking!” she quickly said, with a smile on her face.

“But I would prefer it if they were not the same bodyguards as the ones who were here before,” she muttered. “Those two who kicked me out, I don’t really want to have them following me around.”

It was not that she was against anyone Han Qingshan prepared for her, but she had lost all faith in them. What if they encountered He Yuyan, would they then step aside again? 

“Oh, don’t worry about those two,” Han Qingshan’s expression turned somewhat cold as he was reminded about their behavior. “I already ensured that they will not work for me again. In fact, I doubt they will be able to find work in the bodyguard industry in the entire country.”

Hearing this, Jiang Yingyue felt curious about what happened, but she knew better than to pry into things that had nothing to do with her. 

“The new men are much more focused on protecting you, and they will not dare to let anyone harm you, no matter how high their social status is.” 

The reason he had ordered this was precisely because he feared Zhou Yan’s unreasonable attacks, and any bodyguard who worked under Han Qingshan had by now understood the importance of Jiang Yingyue in their master’s mind. 

After all, he had even severely scolded Tang Meixing for her; this was something that had never happened before. 

Like this, the rumors about the fate of the two bodyguards were passed down through the news vine for all bodyguards in the company. And they were all suddenly aware that it was not a good idea to insult Jiang Yingyue. Neither was it a good idea to not take Han Qingshan’s words seriously. 

Like this, the two spent the rest of the evening together. Han Qingshan went to the study and began working, while Jiang Yingyue cleaned the dishes before she went to the couch to watch some more episodes of her dramas. 

The following day she woke up early, so early that even Han Qingshan had not left when she came out of her room. 

Jiang Yingyue was not always very active when she woke up. In fact, she preferred sleeping in and slowly waking up, but when she had to go to university that was not an option. 

She was like a zombie, walking as if she was still asleep. When she saw Han Qingshan, she nodded at him to display that she had seen him, but she went straight to the bathroom to wash. 

She quickly undressed, took the bandages off her chest, and took a deep breath. The feeling of freedom was always the best. Unfortunately, she could not keep it for long, so she hurried to wash before she wrapped up her chest and her wound again.

Jiang Yingyue took a full half hour to wash her face, wash her body, brush her teeth and hair, followed by rewrapping herself and changing her clothes.

Han Qingshan had bought a closet full of clothes for her alongside any necessity she might need. 

When she left the bathroom, she had expected that Han Qingshan would already have left, but he seemed to be waiting for her. 

Lifting an eyebrow, Jiang Yingyue went towards him. He could not have changed his opinion about letting her go to school, could he? 

“I have left a car for the bodyguards, they will drive you to school,” Han Qingshan said when he saw her nervous gaze; he could easily guess what she was thinking. 

Hearing this, Jiang Yingyue’s eyes sparkled, and she resembled a puppy as she looked at him with happiness. Her eyes sparkling and filled with excitement. 

Unable to control himself, Han Qingshan lifted his hand and suddenly rubbed Jiang Yingyue’s head, cupped her cheek and smiled at her with a gentleness that Jiang Yingyue had never seen in his eyes before.

The sudden display of affection made her heart beat rapidly, and she was feeling emotions she had never felt before.

In her entire life, had anyone ever been so loving towards her with the exception of her parents? 

She felt warm and happy when she looked at Han Qingshan, her eyes displaying complete faith and trust in him, making him feel lost in her eyes.

Finally, ten minutes later, the two both realized that they had been staring at one another for a period of time; and while Jiang Yingyue’s face flushed red, Han Qingshan also felt slightly embarrassed. 

“Well, I have to go to work now,” he muttered. He then withdrew his hand and turned around, almost fleeing from the house. 

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