MLoYM Chapter 61 – Two Young Masters

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As she arrived at the university, Jiang Yingyue was followed by two bodyguards, who were hired by Han Qingshan. 

The university students were not aware of the fact that Jiang Yingyue had been injured previously by a hit and run car accident. They only knew that she had been away for some time, and when she returned, she was suddenly followed by bodyguards. 

As to what had happened, no one knew, but many guesses were made. One thing was certain, these bodyguards belonged to Han Qingshan, so the relationship between the two had to be better than they had expected.

The university forum was on fire; everyone had their own theories, and they were doing all in their power to convince the others that their theory was the correct one. 

Jiang Yingyue did not care what others thought about her, so she went into the auditorium where their lecture would be held, and even here the two bodyguards followed her. 

The two of them sat on either side of her after she found a place to sit down. She decided to sit at the back so as to not trouble the others. 

While she was busy with her lecture, He Yuyan heard about the fact that Jiang Yingyue had attended school again, and that she had two bodyguards with her, causing the woman’s expression to turn extremely unsightly. 

She picked up her phone and sent a series of texts to three different people, and when she received responses, she smiled with a menacing smile, her eyes flashing with coldness. 

The day finished early, and Jiang Yingyue went to the markets followed by the bodyguards, to do some shopping for groceries for tonight’s dinner. Throughout the days she had been staying at Han Qingshan’s home, she had already used all the ingredients he had bought. 

Sending a text to Han Qingshan about her shopping, she soon focused on what to eat that day.

While Jiang Yingyue was busy thinking about food, He Yuyan went to a secluded industrial district in the city where she met up with three other people. 

If Jiang Yingyue had been here, she would have recognized all three of them. Two of them were the bodyguards that had been fired by Han Qingshan, while the last person was the professor who had been told to take his leave after having suspended her. 

The four of them met each other. No one said a word, they just looked to one another with wariness and hostility, before their eyes landed on He Yuyan. 

He Yuyan smiled at them before she found a chair and sat down. She did not find chairs for the others, letting them stand and look at her sitting down. 

“I have summoned you here today because we all have one common enemy,” she began, “Jiang Fengmian has begun causing problems for all of us since he started socializing with Young Master Shan.

“We have met misfortune because of him, so we should return the favor!” He Yuyan was doing her utmost to convince them to join her, but she had never had to convince anyone of anything before, all she needed was to order them. 

Now she knew that ordering would get her nothing. She had to be quite humble, but humble was not something she knew the meaning of, and thus, she decided to solve the problem in another way she knew how to. With money.

“I will pay you good money to get rid of Jiang Fengmian. Disfigure him, kill him, humiliate him, I don’t care what you do, as long as he will leave Han Qingshan forever in the future.”

“My wife already fell to your convincing and tried killing him by a hit-and-run accident, but look at what happened to her!” The professor was rather terrified, his eyes darting from side to side. 

“She fled overseas, but she got caught by someone, I don’t even know who that someone is, I just know that she was caught, and now I don’t know where she is anymore or if she is alive even!” 

Just as they were speaking a chuckle could be heard reverberating within the empty abandoned factory they were waiting in. 

“You want to harm her?” the voice asked mockingly, “I wonder if you really have what it takes to harm her when I am around.”

The four people in the hall all froze in their tracks, their eyes widening in shock and they started noticing that there were people coming towards them from all sides, completely surrounding them. 

There were a full twenty-five men in black suits, their faces were cold and indifferent. They were clearly emotionless as if what they were about to do was commonplace for them. 

The speaker was immensely handsome, and when He Yuyan lifted her head, she was stumped. She had seen pictures of this handsome man before who could rival Han Qingshan, but she had never seen him in real life.

Why was he here? And what had he said? Who was he talking about? 

“So it was you who tried to harm Jiang Fengmian?!” another voice sounded at the same time. This voice was awfully familiar to He Yuyan, and she shrunk her neck. 

What bad luck, both Zhou Yan and Han Qingshan had met at the same time. 

Han Qingshan had twenty men with him, five less than Zhou Yan. 

“Young Master Yan, is this your accomplice?” he asked with a heavy but incredibly cold voice. 

Seeing Zhou Yan here made him feel that it was, in fact, Zhou Yan who was behind the attack on Jiang Yingyue. But to his surprise, Zhou Yan looked at him as if he was the biggest enemy of his life. 

“Idiot,” he said with clear disdain in his voice, “I am here to protect that guy,” he continued. “No one is allowed to touch Jiang Fengmian when I am around, and since you are clearly incapable of keeping him safe, you should just leave it to me to look after him.”

Han Qingshan’s mind exploded. What did Zhou Yan mean? He could not be serious that he was actually here to protect Jiang Yingyue!?

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