MLoYM Chapter 62 – The Two Masters Said “Beat Them!”

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While Han Qingshan was shocked, so were He Yuyan and the three men she had summoned. 

Who was Zhou Yan? He was an existence as high as Han Qingshan, and even more difficult to get into contact with. He had not been part of their circle for long as he grew up far away from the capital, and later he spent all his time in foreign countries, dealing with their family business. 

Now this Zhou Yan claimed to know Jiang Yingyue, was that not too shocking? 

Han Qingshan’s eyes narrowed, and he suddenly felt a sense of dread and hostility. 

“I can protect him just fine,” he said coldly. “Aren’t I here now, even though you managed to take away that woman and hide every trace of her and her background?”

“I have to admit that I did not expect you to show up here,” Zhou Yan generously admitted. “But that does not mean anything. He was injured under your protection, that is not acceptable.”

Han Qingshan was quiet; this was something he could not argue against, and it made him feel terrible. 

“And the reason he was harmed is because of some woman who is intoxicated with you,” Zhou Yan continued. “If you had not shown up in his life, then he would not have been so injured.”

“Do you know, when I saw his medical report I wanted to tear you apart for stepping into his life. He does not need you when he has me!” Zhou Yan’s face turned menacing. 

The four people who were the original targets had been somewhat forgotten by Han Qingshan and Zhou Yan, but the men they had brought had not forgotten about them and were keeping them in place so that when these two tycoons stopped their bickering, they could deal with them. 

“Now you have caused problems to my plan again!” Zhou Yan said through gritted teeth. “With you around, there is no way I can punish them as I wish, leaving evidence behind is not the way I do things.”

Zhou Yan had not planned on leaving even one of these four people alive, but while he could kill them, he knew that it was impossible for him to kill Han Qingshan and his entourage, so killing was completely off the list. If he left a witness, then it was obvious that he would be leaving his future in the hands of Han Qingshan, and that was what he wanted to see the least.

“Beat them up!” He called out to his men. “Beat them so badly that they will stay in the hospital for a few months, let us see if they are more behaved then.”

“Go beat them up too,” Han Qingshan was not going to be left behind and ordered his men. “Break a few bones, and let He Yuyan feel the pain of getting beaten up for a long time, so she knows who she is dealing with!”

Han Qingshan was from the biggest corporation in the country, and while it had a lot of legal business, they also had a few shady ones, including dealings with the underworld. 

Han Qingshan was no stranger to seeing people beaten up, and this time, he felt that they truly deserved it, so not an ounce of pity could be seen in his eyes. 

While their men started beating up He Yuyan, the professor, and the two bodyguards, Han Qingshan looked at Zhou Yan again, only to see that he was glaring at him with hostile eyes. 

“Jiang Fengmian is mine,” Zhou Yan said with a low voice as he stepped closer to Han Qingshan. “I can’t take him back right now, because I have some things I need to deal with, but you ought to know that one day he will return to my side and won’t stay with you. Until then, watch him closely and make sure he does not get injured again.”

Han Qingshan felt the strong possessiveness of Zhou Yan. It was not the kind of feelings one should have for a friend, it was much more like one’s feelings towards a… lover? 

Thinking like this, Han Qingshan’s face turned ugly. He had already assumed that Jiang Yingyue was gay, but had she already hooked up with Zhou Yan before? Why had Jiang Yingyue never told him about this before? 

Zhou Yan did not mind being labeled as gay; all he wanted was for Han Qingshan to know his position. He was, after all, aware that Jiang Yingyue was a woman, and he had full faith in her being able to return to the life of a woman one day; so even if he was misunderstood now, it would not be forever. 

Also, for her sake, he did not mind being misunderstood. If he could not even accept this for her, how could he claim to want to do anything for her? 

Seeing Zhou Yan’s completely expressionless face, Han Qingshan’s eyes narrowed, and he was feeling uncomfortable at heart. 

Just as he was about to ask into the relationship between Zhou Yan and Jiang Yingyue, the bodyguards returned to his side. They were as spotless as before, but the four people who had been beaten looked so pitiful that Han Qingshan fished out his phone and made a phone call to an ambulance. 

If the ambulance did not arrive, they might die from their wounds, so this was the only way. With a final glance at Zhou Yan, Han Qingshan turned around and left the empty industrial hall followed by his bodyguards.

While Han Qingshan left right away, Zhou Yan did not. He went to the four people who were filled with pain and agony, unable to collapse, but unable to bear the pain as well. 

“Let me warn you,” he said with a malicious smile on his lips. “If you dare to touch even a hair of Jiang Fengmian’s again, I will make it so that you will never be able to touch anything again. In fact, I will ensure that you all will die a rather agonizing death.”

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