MLoYM Chapter 63 – Young Master is Jealous

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Returning to the house, Han Qingshan was filled with unease. What was the relationship between Zhou Yan and Jiang Yingyue? 

Although he did not know what exactly was going on, he could not help but feel uneasy. He could not help but rush to get answers, but if he pressured Jiang Yingyue too much, would she get upset at him? 

While he was thinking like this, the car returned home, and he found that there was a light on in the condo; Jiang Yingyue was home. 

The trip from the parking basement up through the floors on the elevator and into the condo felt like it happened in slow motion. 

Han Qingshan continued to consider how to phrase his question, but in the end, nothing sounded right. He could not help but be worried about it. 

When he made it into the condo, the delicious scent of food wafted towards him, and once again Jiang Yingyue was standing in the kitchen preparing food, a content smile was on her lips, and she was clearly having fun preparing dinner. 

Jiang Yingyue heard the door opening, and she turned around with a flourish, a smile on her face and a ladle in her hand. “Welcome home,” she said, and her words made Han Qingshan feel warm at heart, but he was still uneasy. 

When she looked at him, she saw that he looked uneasy, and she was worried if something had happened, her smile slowly vanishing. She turned the stove off and placed the ladle in the soup, before moving towards Han Qingshan. 

“Are you okay?” She asked worriedly, but then Han Qingshan looked at her with a complicated gaze. 

“Do you know a Zhou Yan?” He asked, taking her completely by surprise, and she could not help but answer reflectively: “Ah? Yes! I knew a Zhou Yan when I was a little kid,” she admitted, but then her eyes widened, and she was uncomfortable. 

She knew Zhou Yan when she was Jiang Yingyue, not as Jiang Fengmian. Had this guy figured out her identity? 

Her heart beat rapidly filled with fear, but Han Qingshan did not say anything, he just narrowed his eyes, and looked at her as to see if she was speaking the truth.

“I know you are using a fake ID,” Han Qingshan said, his words causing Jiang Yingyue’s heart to beat rapidly filled with fear. Was it coming now? Was he going to declare that he knew her real gender? She was worried, fearful but at the same time also slightly relieved.

“I will not dig too much into why you needed a new ID,” Han Qingshan continued, allowing for Jiang Yingyue’s suspended heart to calm down, at least for a little bit “But I need to know what your relationship with Zhou Yan is.”

Jiang Yingyue contemplated for a short while before nodding her head. She did not understand why it was important for him to know of their relationship, but she did not mind explaining it since they were just childhood friends.

“Zhou Yan was one of my two childhood friends,” Jiang Yingyue explained, “I spent a lot of time with him and Lin Qiang. We would go to the dojo to learn martial arts, and we would play outside together. But since you know that I use a fake ID, then you ought to know that I left my old life behind when I turned nine years old.

“Since I moved away from our old home, I have never seen him again, nor do I know where he is or what he is doing.” 

Jiang Yingyue was honest with her words, saying exactly how it was. Han Qingshan could see the honesty in her eyes and knew that she was not lying; somehow, he too felt much calmer after hearing her words. So they were only childhood friends. 

“You seem tired, go take a shower and get some casual clothes on,” Jiang Yingyue went over and helped to take Han Qingshan’s coat off him. “I am almost done cooking the dinner, so after you are done cleaning up, you can eat a bit and fill your stomach.”

Although Jiang Yingyue was confused as to why Han Qingshan was asking about Zhou Yan, she dared not ask anything about it. Had he guessed she was a woman but kept it a secret since she had not said anything? 

It was simply too difficult to decipher his thoughts, all she could do was continue life as she had done previously. Also, as long as he pretended that she was a man, and allowed her to live life like one, then she was happy. 

Without thinking more about it, she returned to the kitchen, and Han Qingshan went to the bedroom to find some clothes before heading to the bathroom. 

After finishing, he felt refreshed. He was still somewhat uncomfortable about the fact that Jiang Yingyue actually knew Zhou Yan, but when he thought that they had not met for nine years and that she was unaware of his current status, he felt better. 

Jiang Yingyue saw Han Qingshan come out of the shower, his hair was wet, and a few drops of water fell from the tips of his hair, down his throat, and soaked the collar of the t-shirt he was wearing. 

Jiang Yingyue found herself looking at Han Qingshan as if in a trance, and it took a long time for her to withdraw her gaze, her cheeks flushing slightly red before she quickly started scooping up food in bowls. “Come, sit down,” she called out, “The food will go cold if you don’t eat it now.”

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