MLoYM Chapter 7 – Picked up by the Young Master

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“I won’t back off before you agree to have a cup of coffee with me,” Han Qingshan said with a brilliant smile on his face. He was acting shamelessly, and he clearly did not mind doing it at all. 

Jiang Yingyue glared at the young man, but it was clear that he was completely undisturbed by the glare and instead found it rather endearing. His lips curled even further, causing the smile to spread across his entire face. 

Sensing that there was no way to escape, and not wanting to jeopardize the reputation she had built up during the lesson just now, she gave Han Qingshan a helpless look before nodding her head.

“Just one cup of coffee then,” she finally agreed with annoyance in her voice. 

Seeing the annoyed expression on his face, Han Qingshan somehow felt incredibly elated and filled with excitement. Reaching out, he tried to grab the younger woman’s hand to prevent her from running away, but the moment he touched Jiang Yingyue, the other pulled her arm back so fast that he only touched the skin slightly. 

The cool touch of his skin was so smooth and soft that Han Qingshan was shocked when he felt it, leaving him stunned for a moment. His brief lapse in thought prevented him from grabbing hold of the arm. 

“I will follow, no need to touch me,” Jiang Yingyue said with a sullen expression on her face. She had very rarely been touched by anyone since she had taken over the life of Jiang Fengmian, so although it had been a brief touch, the feeling lingered on her wrist, making her heart beat erratically. 

Han Qingshan looked at Jiang Yingyue’s wrists and hands, and he could not help but click his tongue in admiration. Those slim fingers were truly exquisite. They were even more beautiful than what most females had; the nails were not decorated and painted like the socialites, but they were trimmed neatly and clean. 

Although he had wanted to drag Jiang Yingyue with him towards the cafe, he could sense that this young woman was very uncomfortable with physical contact, so he did not push it. Instead, he smiled slightly and gestured for Jiang Yingyue to follow him. 

Jiang Yingyue was in a foul mood. Why did she have to run into this young master, and why was he even interested in her? This was a bad situation for her no matter how she looked at it, and she could not help but consider just running for it, but she feared things would become worse if she did. 

This man seemed strangely set on drinking coffee with her, and she had no option other than to comply. At least he was likely to leave her alone later. Didn’t young masters like him always have weird and fickle ideas all of a sudden? 

Unaware of the fact that Jiang Yingyue had determined Han Qingshan’s interest in her as a fickle and temperamental idea, the young master was feeling rather pleased with himself. 

He went to his black Porsche and gestured for Jiang Yingyue to step in. At the sight of that car, Jiang Yingyue’s mood was further befouled, and she glared at Han Qingshan. “I am only sitting in this thing if you drive properly,” she declared, her words causing the young man to laugh out loud. 

“I will drive safely,” he promised. He entered the car, buckled up the seatbelt and waited for Jiang Yingyue to step in as well. 

Sighing to herself, Jiang Yingyue could not help but shake her head and get into the car as well. This was a rare chance to drive in a Porsche so she supposed she could just relax and enjoy the ride. 

Seeing her step into his car, the smile on Han Qingshan’s face widened. He nodded his head before he reached out and picked up the seat belt to fasten it for her.

The moment he got close to her, he could smell a sweet and refreshing scent of flowers. It was very different from the perfume that all the socialites and other girls who were chasing him were wearing. It was also different from the smell of his male friends and their cologne; it was so gentle and comforting that he spaced out for a bit.

“I can do it myself!” Jiang Yingyue said through gritted teeth that were clenched tightly, so tightly that they almost shattered. This man! Would he die from not trying to take advantage of her? First, he tried to grab her hand, and now he almost buried his face in her chest to put her seatbelt on. 

Pushing him away, she quickly picked the seatbelt and fastened it, before she turned to glare at Han Qingshan who was looking at her with narrowed eyes.

Worried that he might have noticed something, Jiang Yingyue shrunk into the seat, her eyes looking slightly alarmed. 

Han Qingshan shook his head after a bit of consideration. Shower gel and shampoo often had the scent of flowers; most likely this was what had caused him to feel this refreshing aroma coming from her. 

After reaching this conclusion, he focused on the road ahead and stepped on the accelerator. The car started driving onto the roads, but because they were still on university grounds, they were driving rather slowly, not to mention that the traffic was rather busy because of the number of visitors that came for the opening of the school year, so it was impossible to drive fast.

Many saw the black Porsche and recognized Young Master Shan rather quickly, but to their surprise, they found a handsome young woman sitting in the passenger seat. This handsome young woman had her arm leaning on the door with her head resting on her hand.

She looked breathtakingly beautiful as she sat there with only her side profile visible to the crowd. 

Many were curious about this young woman, and quite a few secretly took pictures of the scene before uploading it to their university forum under titles such as ‘New Prince Charming Appeared’, ‘Young Master Shan’s New Friend’, ‘Prince Charming of Unknown Origins’. 

Han Qingshan was the dream guy of every girl on campus, and the idol of all the boys. Everything that had to do with him was being posted everywhere all over the forums, and everyone followed it, as they knew he was a young master from a prominent family. Most even knew he was the heir to the Han Corporation, so when Jiang Yingyue got into his car, she was unaware of what waves she had made. 

Before the time it took for the two handsome people to leave the school grounds, the rumors about them had already spread, and some of the students from the psychology major had also shared all the information they knew about Jiang Yingyue, making her a very famous person in the university within minutes.

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