MLoYM Chapter 9 – Different Groups of Society

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“Here you go.” The waiter arrived and gently placed the drinks and plates of strawberry cheesecakes in front of the two young men that were seated next to the window. Their appearances were so stunning that he felt nervous.

This waiter was aware of Han Qingshan’s identity. He was often at the mall, and this cafe was one of the places he would often visit, so anyone who worked there already knew him and was always ready to provide him with the best treatment.

Han Qingshan was used to being treated as a heavenly sent genius, someone that everyone looked up to and adored. Even at home, no one would ever scold him or complain about him. He had free reins to do whatever he wished to do, with full support from his family. 

He was after all the heir to an empire. The Han corporation was the biggest in their country, its wealth so overwhelming that no one would be capable of ever spending that much money in their entire lifetime, even if they tried. 

He was like a god descending to the mundane world, someone who held the fate of normal citizens in his hands. 

But Jiang Yingyue was a commoner through and through. Whereas she had gone to the illustrious Riluo High, Han Qingshan had instead been studying abroad. 

Jiang Yingyue had no interest in the upper class of society. They lived different lives from her, and they had nothing to do with one another, so she had never bothered attempting to actually understand them. Even now, she only knew that the young man in front of her was referred to as ‘Young Master Shan’. What kind of family he came from was unknown to her. 

Glancing at the man in front of her, she had to admit that he was handsome. Even more handsome than herself. 

Where she had a rather androgynous face, her body seemed lean and slim. Although she could trick people into thinking that she was a man, she would never become a masculine man. 

Han Qingshan was the kind of young man who looked lean on the outside, but if one were to strip him of his clothes, then they would find that he had some rather outstanding abdominal muscles. 

His face also had some masculine charm. It was well defined, and his dark eyes were as deep as a bottomless abyss. It was easy to get drawn into this eyes and forget about everything else while looking at them. 

Jiang Yingyue was able to keep her cool while looking at him though. She noticed that his eyelashes were long, as he had lowered his eyes to look at the strawberry cheesecake in front of him. 

Sensing that he was being looked at, he raised his head and sent an enigmatic smile towards Jiang Yingyue. However, she did not get blinded like the majority of other girls. Instead, she snorted and looked away, pretending to ignore him. 

It was not that Jiang Yingyue was prejudiced against the rich upper-class kids, but this man had almost cost her her little life, and she could not help but have an impression of him being too careless with human life. Racing on a small road was so unreasonable; it was simply the same as asking to kill someone. 

Han Qingshan felt rather frustrated as well. Usually, he would not drive that fast in such crowded and narrow streets, but they were running late, and he hated being late. Who would have thought that the accident would have happened? 

“Tell me, why did you save that girl?” Han Qingshan looked at Jiang Yingyue with curiosity as he began asking his questions. 

“Would you not save someone when you saw that they were about to die in front of you?” Jiang Yingyue returned the question with another question, but where he was asking with a gentle and friendly voice, hers was curt and rude. 

Fortunately, Han Qingshan did not feel insulted. Instead, he just smiled and shook his head. “I would, but I would also be scared if something like that were to happen in front of me. You did not seem to consider the danger, jumping right in front of a speeding car to push that little girl away.

“When you were hit, you did not panic; you even took the time to check whether or not you broke anything, and you did not even want to go to the hospital.

“You refused the compensation I offered you, and you even ignored my existence. It is not something most people can do, so can you tell me, why are you so different from everyone else?” 

Han Qingshan looked at Jiang Yingyue with curiosity, his eyes gleaming with interest. “From what I have seen, no one does something without personal benefits. No one says ‘no thank you’ to more money, and no one ignores a young master like me. So tell me, why are you so different?”

Jiang Yingyue finally understood what it was that made Han Qingshan so interested in her. She had done something selflessly, and it had stirred his interest. This was fine. As long as she answered his questions, he would stop pestering her, so it was no problem for her to entertain his curiosity. 

Although she had been hostile towards him earlier, she now smiled slightly and shook her head. 

“It might be that you, and people amongst your rank, only see from the lens of personal benefit, but we who live at the bottom of society know how much a human life is worth. We are friendly towards each other and want to assist one another when we can.

“When we experience difficulties, it is obvious that we will gather together and support one another. It is true that there are a lot of bad and scummy people even amongst ourselves, but as a whole, we are more united.

“At the same time, we have our dignity. I cannot take your money when there was nothing wrong with me. True, I got some bruises and cuts, but it was my own decision to jump out and save the girl, so taking your money would feel wrong.

“And honestly, although you and your friends are young masters and misses of the upper class, I do not feel the need to fawn over you.

“I am from a completely different demographic than you are, so I will never have anything to do with you young masters. The fact that I am sitting here today is already a once in a lifetime event.”

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