PCS Chapter 25 – Carried Like a Princess

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As soon as Qin Meixing spoke, most of the people present turned their heads to see who it was who owned such a wonderful voice. 

But many men were shocked when they saw that the woman whom the voice belonged to was being held in a tight embrace by the Cloud God. 

Their eyes widened in surprise, and then they remembered what had just been said. Was this woman Xuanyuan Yunshen’s fiancé?

The many women who observed their closeness were jealous; they also wanted to be close to the Cloud God, but seeing the affectionate gaze that he was focusing on Qin Meixing, they knew that it was useless. He had no interest in changing his fiancé. 

Even so, the women could not like Qin Meixing, and seeing that she was hiding her appearance behind a veil, many of them scoffed in disdain. They were confident that she was scared of showing off her appearance. 

The smarter people present were aware that this woman was not easily bullied. The Monarch Cleansing Pill that had appeared was guaranteed to work by Xuanyuan Yunshen. Clearly, the alchemist who had created them had a good relationship with the Cloud God, and who else could it be than his fiancé? 

Her figure, which had some attractive curves but still wasn’t fully developed, showed that she was still young. 

Many people looked at the two who stood next to one another. While one was the most attractive man in the world, the other was hidden behind a black robe and a black veil. No one could see her actual facial expression or appearance. 

Since this was the case, one would think that they were mismatched, but there was a strange atmosphere of peace surrounding them. 

Many had seen Xuanyuan Yunshen before. He was attractive and revered by everyone, but he was cold and hard to approach because of his high rank. 

However, when he stood next to this lady, his appearance was amiable, and he seemed easy to approach – however his friendly and easygoing appearance did not fool them. They knew that he was still the cold and callous man whom they all feared. 

Qin Meixing sighed internally. How she hated that she had to act with this man, but he had helped her multiple times, and she was soon about to get a lot of points from finishing the mission, her eyes gleamed with excitement. 

Glancing down at the woman in his embrace, Xuanyuan Yunshen saw her eyes, which resembled a cunning fox, and he knew that she was up to no good. Even so, he was not against it. He was bored and knew that she would shake up the entire capital, which was going to make all his days much more enjoyable.

In fact, Xuanyuan Yunshen was not from the Xiyang Empire. Many things had happened to him before, and he needed to find a specific energy that could heal him. 

According to the rumors he had found, this energy was available in the Doushi Continent, but he was quite confused as to why it would appear here.

The Doushi Continent was the weakest amongst all the continents in the Zhanshi World. It was known as the abandoned continent, which any cultivator would flee as soon as they were strong enough to do so. 

Cultivating in the Doushi Continent took much longer than any other place in the entire Zhanshi World, so why would the energy appear here? The energy that was so strong that if it wanted to, it could rip the whole world apart. 

Even so, he needed this particular energy, so he had come to the Xiyang Empire, where he was revered as a Deity, and here he was spending his days one after another. 

He had been bored beyond belief; it was not before he had come across Qin Meixing that he had begun to look forward to each passing day, even though the energy still had not appeared. 

Qin Meixing was uncomfortable when she felt that Xuanyuan Yunshen had no intention of releasing her waist, and she reached out to pinch his hand, but he just smiled dotingly when he looked down at her, his expression clearly stating that a man had to dote on his woman. 

This expression made her even angrier, but she could do nothing as her sparkling eyes, which were pure and full of clarity, were suddenly filled with fiery anger. 

For some reason, whenever he saw her angry eyes he felt his heart soften, so he leaned down, lifted Qin Meixing up in a princess carry, nodded to the prince, and hurried into the Auction House with long strides. 

The Crown Prince was utterly stunned when he saw this. The Cloud God was famous for not letting anyone close to him; he disliked having anyone even one meter within his reach, but he had been stuck to that young woman throughout their entire encounter, and his eyes had been full of roguish intentions. 

Everyone who had seen it was full of curiosity about the woman who had conquered the Cloud God. Who was this amazing woman? 

And why did she not show off her face? Was there something beneath the veil that people should not know, or was she a famous person from within the capital who did not want to show off just yet? 

No one knew, but they were all curious, and these discussions about who the woman could be were heard by Bai Bingqing and Qin Chanjuan when they arrived. 

Both of them were full of shock and unwillingness. Bai Bingqing was a peerless beauty and a famous genius in the capital. She had decided that Xuanyuan Yunshen belonged to her, but he had not paid attention to her at all.

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