Touched by a Mortal Soul

So, Overthrowing Fate has finished republishing on Webnovel.

However, this is not the last we will see to Xu Min and his family.

Xu Min was a simple person from the beginning, he never wished for many things, only to live a plain life with his sister, however, this was destroyed by others. It was his pursuit of revenge that forced him onto the path of a cultivator, and when he got his revenge, he once again wanted to live a humble life with the people he loved.

I understand that some are unhappy with this, however, as I said before, this is not the last we will see to Xu Min.

I have made a continuation to Overthrowing Fate which I will be focusing on when I am done with Condemning the Heavens.

The story is called “Touched by a Mortal Soul” and here is the summary:

Bards hailed his father as the greatest genius of all time, who was known as the youngest immortal throughout all of history.

Beautiful, otherworldly fairies were his godmothers while legendary heroes of the elves were his godfathers.

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, great things were expected of him, and when he was birthed, the stars in the sky took the shapes of phoenixes and dragons spiraling towards the city where he resided.

He was a proud son of the heavens, revered by his peers, and adored by his family.

He was wise beyond his years and endowed with a great talent for cultivation.

This young man, when hearing the stories of the great world across the sea, was filled with a longing. A longing to know where his roots lay. A longing for a world filled with powerful cultivators, a world where he could step onto a much larger stage.

However, before he could reach this stage, chaos overran his continent. War broke out, and invaders appeared from a realm beyond their own.

These invaders were overwhelmingly powerful. Their strength so pervasive that none could stand against them, and anyone who tried was slain on sight.

Realizing that his titles, background, and status now amounted to nothing, he found himself in a world where danger and death lurked around every corner.

Struggling to survive, going from being a prince of the heavens to becoming an ant of society, Xu Jie had to fight for every step he took on his path to becoming the strongest immortal cultivator.

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