Condemning the Heavens Book 7 Sneak Peak

Book 7 of Condemning the Heavens is going very well – much better than I expected to be honest.

The book follows Xue Wei on his travels across the Sea of the Enchanted where he encounters troublesome and sticky situations where he needs his wits to survive. He befriends new people, says good bye to some companions and moves on with his adventure.

Enjoy a brief snippet from the seventh book:

The altar was on top of a platform, overseeing the entire city, four pagodas placed so that they formed a square around it. 

Blood was flowing in rivers underneath the altar, and it seemed as if all the blood had dropped from the altar into the river. 

The entire altar was red, bordering on black, as it was dyed with the blood of various ages, some were fresh, other was ancient.

There were many marks of knives and swords on the altar top, clearly many people had been executed here. 

The scent of blood was so intoxicating that even with the soul-calming pill, Xue Wei was feeling restless. 

Hei Gou and Bai Tianyi were not doing much better than him. Hei Gou and Bai Tianyi’s eyes were red, their fists clenched tightly as they were trembling. 

Xue Wei surveyed their surroundings, but noticing that there was nothing around them apart from the bloody city, he quickly turned around and started leaving.

“There is something in the blood here,” he muttered, “some sort of drug.”

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