Webtoons Update

Hello again 🙂

Now it is an update about our webcomics.

Originally I had 3 artists who were tasked with making 3 novels.
Rest in a Demon’s Embrace
Overthrowing Fate
My Life or Your Memory

Unfortunately, things has been going rather slow with two of the webcomics, and although I have been very pleased with the art, the speed had suffered quite a bit.

The one which is being the most steady is Rest in a Demon’s Embrace which is being drawn and brought to life by Dyumint.

Overthrowing Fate was originally done by another artist, but due to some miscommunication, it is currently another artist who has taken over.

My Life or Your Memory has been put on hiatus for a long time.

All finished chapters can be read on my Patreon

Here are some examples of the webcomics:

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