Five Elements of the Royal Sky Cultivation Ranks

I have been writing cultiviation novels since 2015, and during this time, I have come up with quite a few different cultivation systems.

It started with the one in Blue Phoenix, where there were three different ‘dantian’s the lower, middle and upper one.

Then came the very simple cultivation system of Overthrowing Fate, which simply had rank one to nine.

After this came Condemning the Heavens with the different ranks and layers.

All of these cultivation ranks has been very fun to make, but there is one cultivation system I have had the most fun making, the cultivation system I am using in Five Elements of the Royal Sky.

I will explain the ranks of the Five Elements of the Royal Sky today, this cultivation system is simply one I spent a long time making but also one I am very proud of.

First comes the Body Tempering stage, where one is ranked from 1-9 layers.
Then comes the Spirit Realm, which is split into three stages, Spirit Condensing, Spirit Consolidating, Spirit Refinement.
After this comes Soul Realm. The Soul realm is split into Soul Solidification, Soul Crystallization and Soul Splitting.
Following this is the Transcended Realm. It also has three stages, Transcending the Body, Transending the Spirit and Tanscending the Soul.
The realm after this is the Ascended Realm. This one consists of Building an Immortal Body, Building an Undying Spirit, Building an Immortal Soul.
After the Ascended Realm comes the Mysterious Heaven Realm, the Empyrean Realm, the Celestial Realm, the Divine Realm, an the Sovereign Realm. These realms will be described in detail later, but this also shows that it will be a very long story, considering how many ranks there are!

I am very happy with this cultivation system. If you have any thoughts on it feel free to share them with me.

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