Discord and Patreon


If you are a reader of Condemning the Heavens, you might want to consider joining my Discord and/or my Patreon.

Discord is free for all my readers, where we can talk about my books, or other books, and ask questions about what it is like to write. You can also sometimes get snippets from Condemning the Heaven’s newest books, and be amongst the first to know the newest release schedules and so on.

Link to Discord

If you REALLY like the book, you might also want to become a Patreon. For $5 a month, you get access to every Cultivation novel that I write when I write it.

Currently there is the entire book 8 of Condemning the Heavens and the start of book 9. There is also the entire book 1 of Five Elements of the Royal Sky, and the start of Forsaken Immortals (currently 61 chapters)

Link to Patreon

So come join me on either Discord or on Patreon!

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