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Patreon is the first place that gets access to all my cultivation novels. It also has the access to the chapters before anyone else.

It costs $5 a month, and for that pledge, you get access to the following novels:

  • Condemning the Heavens (updated daily)
  • Five Elements of the Royal Sky (three chapters a week)
  • Forsaken Immortals (three chapters a week)
  • Rest in a Demon’s Embrace (one chapter a week)
  • Devouring Goddess (uncertain amount of chapters a week)
  • Primeval Chaos System (uncertain amount of chapters a week)

Devouring Goddess is new, and is a novel I write alongside my friend Xenon. He has been a part of my team as a betareader and previously editor for a long time, and he decided to try his hand at writing, so now we are writing together.

Devouring Goddess is an anti-hero novel. It follows Yin Xiulan, a young woman with a physique called the Blood Jade Physique which makes her enjoy slaughter and killing. It is a very dark story, and not for the faint hearted.


Primeval Chaos System is quite different from Devouring Goddess. The main character in PCS is considered a decent person. While she does kill enemies, she does not feel pleasure in killing, and she is against touching the innocent.

She was originally from a futuristic world, a world where she was a test subject in an attempt at developing a superhuman. Just as they succeeded in fusing her soul with a mysterious system, the system decided to transmigrate her to another world, for her own safety.

This story is a story about how the system has its own agenda and is slowly convincing Qin Meixing, the test subject, to become its mother.

It is a more humerous novel than Devouring Goddess, and so far it has been very well received by my readers.

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