Writing a Book – Day by Day 13

When you write, it is not only about quantity but also quality.

Although I said yesterday that it is important to try and write every day, this does not mean that everything you write will be of the same quality every day.

Some days, it will be harder to write than others, and there will even be days where you will have to force yourself to write. Those days the quality will be lower than when you are fully motivated to write something amazing, but I always believe that it is easier to edit something that has been written, than having nothing at all.

As a web novel author many often thinks that it is either quality or quantity you go for, but in my opinion it is important to have both.

Although I aim to write fast and write a lot of words every day, I always want to have writing of a certain quality.

While my writing style is somewhat flat and not too exciting, i try to convey an interesting plot, and I truly try my very best to publish enjoyable content.

Because of this, I also have beta readers.

Beta readers are a must when you write, in my opinion.

While i do not always change things according to what my beta readers think, it is good to know what thoughts they have about my stories.

Sometimes they have good points, and I will rewrite accordingly, but some times we will disagree and the final writing will stay as I originally planned it.

Beta readers are also good at catching plot holes. There are times when you sometimes forget things, if you have a lot to write, or if you are a bit too eager, and they can catch these plot holes and help you avoid mistakes in the future.

I personally have a lot of beta readers, reading various novels, and I try to have a minimum of two beta readers a series, to get various impressions.

PCS Chapter 13 – “Dearest”

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