Writing a Book – Day by Day 15

Today I am a little late with publishing the chapter. My computer broke again, and I am in a slight pickle, but the show must go on, so although it is late, there is still more than an hour until midnight where I live.

Today I want to say a great thank you to all my readers.

As I mentioned another day, I have some difficulties in life, but I refused to give up, and what made me refuse was you, my wonderful readers, who has been supporting me. Whether you are amongst those who has followed me from the very start, five years ago, or one of the newer readers, I am very happy to have you on board my pirateship!

My dreams are only possible because I have so many amazing readers who are supporting me and following my novels 😀 So thank you all, you mean the world to me!

Although writing is important, knowing that someone enjoys what you write is an extremely gratifying feeling, and having the support of others is enough to make my heart swell with pride and happiness.

So I cannot thank you enough!

Anyway here is the new chapter for today

PCS Chapter 15 – Finishing the Formalities

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