Writing a Book – Day by Day 23 + 24

When publishing books it is very important to do some marketing.

I personally found most of my readerbase from doing free web novels, but even so, I still market my new books.

That can be posting it in the relevant groups on facebook, or on your own social media platforms. You can try and contact the local media and see if they are interested in covering your books, and at the same time you can also start advertising. Amazon advertisement is a good option if you release on Amazon as a selfpublishing person.

I would suggest that you read a few books about advertisements first though, since they are not all that simple.

Anyway, when you write a new book, you should try to get the word out and make people notice your books. It is important that people know about your book to buy it. If they do not know anything about your book, then they can not read and buy it.

PCS Chapter 23 – Losing Face
PCS Chapter 24 – The Day of the Auction

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