Forsaken Immortals two, Reverse Scale release date

The second book in the series Forsaken Immortals is going to be released on the 15th of January.

The book is called Reverse Scale, and it continues to follow Bai Rouyun as she once again steps into the world of cultivation. Her life is in her own hands, and she refuses to be ordinary. However, not only does the future hold unknown mysteries, the past unknowns also begin to unravel, but will Bai Rouyun be willing to forget and forgive, or will she be stuck on her quest for vengeance?

The first ten chapters can be read on this website.

Webnovel has the first fifty chapters for free, and after that it is the website which has the most recent updates. It updates daily, and the majority of book two can already be read there.

Book one can be found on Amazon, and book two will be out on Amazon on the 15th of January.

Patreon also has all of book one, and the majority of book two. It is two chapters behind Webnovel.

I hope you will enjoy the novel, and will continue to support me!

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