Ghost Realm, CtH 10, Published!

Finally, Condemning the Heavens book 10 has been released!

Thank you to all who have waited for the continuation of my series, I am deeply apologetic for the delay, but I hope that the new volume is worth the wait.

Ghost Realm has been on the way for more than a year, but now that it is complete, I am quite satisfied with the result. I feel that this book propels the story towards the intended direction in a very pleasant way, and I hope that you, as the readers, also enjoy the progress.

Let me also introduce my attitude towards my stories:

I, the author, am actually a faint emperor. I see myself as the supreme ruler of my world of stories, and each of my series is the beauties within my harem.

Blue Phoenix will always remain the empress, and currently, my only consort is Condemning the Heavens. These two are beauties that will never be forgotten, and that the other stories must respect and revere. When talking about my beauties, none of them can reach the level of love that I have for Blue Phoenix and Condemning the Heavens.

Even so, I am not a suitable ruler. I am not able to dedicate all my love to these two stories alone and have instead taken in a whole group of wives and imperial concubines.

My current wives, Forsaken Immortals and Rest in a Demon’s Embrace like to be on their own, but even with two wives, an empress, and a consort, I got so greedy that I took in a whole group of sisters and bestowed them the rank of imperial concubines. These sisters are all connected, and their names are Primeval Chaos System, Birth of the Stargazer, Havoc, Ascendant, Rampant Reality, and Everlasting Dreams.

However, as beauties of the palace, they must stand back and wait for their turn to receive the emperor’s love, so there will be no official release of these imperial concubines before 2023 at the earliest.

So, I, as the faint emperor, have decided to prioritize the stories I write in such a way that Condemning the Heavens will always remain the priority, followed by Forsaken Immortals and Rest in a Demon’s Embrace. When I have more time, I will show some love to the imperial concubines, but even with this sheer amount of stories, fear not, Condemning the Heavens will never be sent to the Cold Palace to suffer again.

Long story short, Condemning the Heavens book 11, Bloodletting, should not have to wait that long for the release. Please bear with me and give my stories a try!

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  1. Will there be another publishers pack with this and book 9 being released on Audible?

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