Another Update

Greetings everyone!

Life has been rough, as my daughter has been infected by some very annoying virus – it is not COVID-19 –

She is having a nose full of snot that just keeps flooding, and her throat is sore, so her cough is as if she tries to cough up her lungs. At the same time, she also has a bad tummy and can hardly eat anything.

As a single mother, the responsibility to care for her is naturally mine, so I just have to suck it up and ensure that she gets better.

I have begun writing a bit again, and hope to have Forsaken Immortals book 3 released this month, and if possible, Rest in a Demon’s Embrace book 3 next month.

Condemning the Heavens is also going pretty good right now, the story is heading in the direction I planned, and the speed far outruns the last volume.

So, to grab your attention, I would like to introduce to you a series that, for now, is exclusive to Patreon.

Age of Mortality is a new take on cultivation. A female cultivator from a very standard cultivation world suddenly finds herself in a world very much akin to ours. It is a modern world where the cultivators have long gone to secluded places and do not show off their prowess.

As industrialization intensifies, the world suffers, and the natural resources decrease, which also results in decreased heaven and earth essence, and thus the cultivators are even less able to achieve breakthroughs.

The main character is not satisfied with this result, and thus she decides to go against the Heavenly Dao and rejuvenate the world so that mortals and cultivators can live alongside one another and benefit each other.

This story is currently at 27 chapters. I began writing it during the summer when I had to travel around a lot and did not have my laptop by my side, so I could not write my currently ongoing series.

The series is not written steadily. I only write it when I am done with the important stories each day, and thus it has an extremely unsteady release schedule.

Even so, I wished to introduce this story, as I simply adore the cover image….

4 Comments on “Another Update

  1. Hello love your books but you left a update that the 3rd book in the forsaken immortals series was coming out in November and it hasn’t yet and no updates

    • Hello. The file for book 3 is done and will be uploaded to amazon next week. I expect it to be ready for sale at the end of next week. I have already begun writing volume four and expect the next few releases to be a bit more frequent than the last ones.

      • Cool have been checking every day since the 15 Nov realy looking forward to this next book thanks

  2. Hello do you mean two weeks from last post or has there been a delay ?

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