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Time Travelers Contest

A Writing Contest Hosted by Neovel

Participating in the Neovel Time Travelers Writing Contest is one of the series from the Primeval Chaos Universe.

Five of the series in the Primeval Chaos Universe are taking place at the same time, but in different worlds.

These five series are currently being released solely on Patreon (Rampant Reality is awaiting uploading), but one of them will also be publishing on Neovel throughout the duration of this contest.

The participating novel will be revealed alongside all other entries on Neovel’s platform Wednesday the 13th of April, 2022.

Introduction to the contest and the Primeval Chaos Universe can be found in the video below


A new universe with unlimited possibilities.

Interwoven series with a common rule

New characters and experiences unlike any I have ever written before

Six series set in different worlds, all within the same universe.

Different methods but same goal

Fighting for their own future, but carrying the responsibility for the entire universe

Once upon a time, there was a race called the Stargazers. They reigned supreme within the entire universe, controlling the other worlds, and ensuring that peace was maintained.

As time went by, they became fewer and fewer in number. An unknown corruption had infected their race, causing them to face the ultimate decision of how to avoid extinction. They could only turn towards the Primeval Chaos with the hope that their civilization could still be saved.

The Primeval Chaos granted them their wish. It was impossible to defeat the corruption, but to preserve their heritage, all survivors were turned into a special kind of system.

Three thousand survivors all abandoned their physical bodies and emotions. Their souls merged with the Primeval Chaos and combined into three thousand copies of the Primeval Chaos Systems, which then got scattered across the entire universe.

The purpose of these systems was clear. They each had to find a host. Alongside the host, they would gather enough Primeval Chaos Energy to unlock the legacy of the Stargazers race, which then would be inherited by their hosts’ children.

While the original Stargazers could no longer survive, the Primeval Chaos had given them the hope of their legacy surviving. They had started the chance of a new Stargazers Era to begin.

Primeval Chaos System

Qin Meixing was an orphan, taken in by a research facility and forced to become a human test subject of various experiments.

The final experiment, the Primeval Chaos System, was a success, but upon sensing danger, the system initiated its self-protection measures, using up all the remaining energy within to send itself and Qin Meixing’s soul from her current body to a newly found corpse, suitable for their arrival.

This body was placed in another world, a world where strength determined one’s future prospects, and one could only take control of their own life and fate if they had enough power in their hands.

Merged into her soul was now the powerful Primeval Chaos System, and while it had the ability to bring her towards the peak of the world, it also had its own rules and regulations, which caused her advance to become a rough road she had to tread.

Birth of the Stargazer

Qiao Yuyan was a lost child. Before even celebrating her first birthday, she had been kidnapped and dumped in the countryside to die a lonely death. Fortunately, an elderly woman found her and raised her as the apple in her eye.

Upon her adoptive grandmother’s death, her biological family appeared to retrieve her, yet what awaited her was not the loving affection of a family, but a cold and sinister cage.

She tried her best to make her family like her, but after bringing them fame, fortune, and wealth, she found out that her younger sister and her fiance had banded together to get rid of her.

Upon avenging herself, she encountered the Primeval Chaos System, which reversed her time to the day she was returning to the Qiao family.

She got her second chance at life and found that the world was different from what she had initially thought. Not only was she introduced to the Hidden World of experts, but she also found that the Primeval Chaos System had followed her back and merged with her soul.

She was back, and while she wanted to take revenge in passing, her main goal had changed. She wanted to become a real expert. Someone that no one could harm in the future, and all would look up to with respect.


Yan Qiuyue was filled with despair. The entire world had been turned upside down within the timespan of merely few hours.

When she had woken up in the morning, everything seemed the same. however, as the day unfolded, a strange phenomenon appeared, and humans turned to zombies.

Finding herself in a zombie-infested city, she was full of dread but tried to keep herself alive. Unfortunately, she was unable to survive the first day as a horde of zombies besieged her.

As she was about to die, she encountered the Primeval Chaos System, which helped her rewind the day. As she woke up once more, she was painfully aware of the disaster that would befall humanity within a few hours.

With the help of the Primeval Chaos System, she was introduced to new peculiar abilities that appeared alongside the zombies, and she began her struggle to survive in a world where death was everywhere.


Yang Qianru used to be an orphan. She had grown up in the slums and experienced the harsh reality of human greed.

Just as life, once more, forced her into a dead end, she encountered the Primeval Chaos System, which transported her soul into the future.

Here she found that she was given everything she had longed for in her past life. She gained a family that truly loved her, but this was another era than the one she had left behind.

This was a time where humanity had spread throughout the galaxy and crossed the starry skies; Yang Qianru found that the humans had learned to go beyond their physical limits.

Some cultivated Qi, which enabled them to control the mechs, robotic war machines, while others cultivated their mental energy, which allowed them to fight on an invisible battlefield.

The various empires and federations were at war. Each one dreaming of universal domination. As a rising star in this chaotic era, Yang Qianru found herself in the heart of the conflict. To survive, she could only carve her mark in the history of this time.

Rampant Reality

The world was at the brink of destruction. After many years of pollution and overdraft on the natural resources, the skies had turned gray, only allowing the sunshine to shine through the smog once or twice a year.

Humanity had tried to abandon the world to ascend to the world beyond the stars, but all attempts had been futile, they were trapped on this dying planet.

humans were still the dominating race on the planet, but one’s birth determined what kind of life one could live.

The wealthy enjoyed their lives, they spent their time enjoying “Utopia,” a Virtual Reality, where they could live in a beautiful world. The middle-class, those who were allowed an education, were sent to “Utopia” to work or sent to do the more prosperous jobs in the real world, and once in a while, they too would be allowed a day or two of enjoyment in the Virtual Reality.

The world was at the brink of destruction. After many years of pollution and overdraft on the natural resources, the skies had turned gray, only allowing the sunshine to shine through the smog once or twice a year.

The poor, on the other hand, were living a life worse than slaves. They did all the hard work, all the manual labor.

Money did not exist. Coupons and resources were what one was paid with, but there was never enough for all. The famine caused many to die every year.

Feng Molian was a young woman who had been raised as a boy since her birth. She came across a Virtual Reality pod, which was the beginning of her journey to enter the Black Market, going from being a hated and poor commoner to becoming the hope of the entire era.

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