Ascendant – Participating in Neovel Writing Contest

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Participating in the Neovel writing contest is Ascendant, a series in the Primeval Chaos Universe.

Please go to Neovel and vote for the story. If possible, I would be happy if you can read and follow it throughout the contest.

Ascendant is, as most of my other stories, a cultivation series, but unlike any of the previous ones, it takes place many thousands of years into the future.

It is a time where humankind has entered the galaxy and traveled across the stars. Everyone is eager for universal domination, and the struggle for resources is intense.

In this faraway future, human bodies has evolved, gained the ability to gather energy and train beyond their mortal limits.

Qi is able to be used in battle, but not only on a personal level. The great mech war-machines are fuelled by Qi, and can bring devastation to the battlefield.

Spiritual energy attacks are usually invisible, but their damage is no less than the destructive Qi, as their disruption is often not noticed before it is too late.

Our main character is a young woman who grew up in our day and age, but unfortunately, she was an orphan and had to fight for survival on a daily basis.

After syncing with the Primeval Chaos System, she gets sent thousands of years into the future, where she enters a fetus with no soul, as it died just moments before her arrival.

In this series, we will follow Yang Qianru from birth on her heroic adventures through the vast universe.

Please go to Neovel and vote for the story. If possible, I would be happy if you can read and follow it throughout the contest.

I will release 2 chapters a week, but they will be merged into one, and will be released each Wednesday. (There might be extra chapters from time to time)

10 chapters are already uploaded to the site, and you can read them already.

All written chapters are released on Patreon for $20 tier supporters, alongside all the other Primeval Chaos Universe series.

Keep in mind that this story is not a priority in my writing schedule, and the chapters I use in this contest is mainly from my stockpile. Usually only a few are uploaded to Patreon each month.

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  1. I am locked out of your Patreon screen.
    Even though I am a patron and have a Patreon account, Patreon has changed their log in screen.
    Every time you try to log in you get a message: “Please click below to prove you are not a robot (or something like that)”.
    The only problem is there is no icon, link or box to check. It is a completely blank screen.
    I have written twice to Patreon support to report this. They do not respond. I suspect that theirs is a windows/mac based screen that does not work with Firefox or Linux.

    Thus, I am completely locked out of your Patreon screen.
    Perhaps they will listen to you if you complain about their broken log in system.

    I fear that if they don’t get rid of this stupid “anti-log” screen I will never be able to log-in again and will just have to go to Paypal to cancel my payments.

    Please help!

    • Hello. So sorry to hear that you are experiencing these troubles. If you can, please contact me through Discord, and I will get you access to the novels that your tier includes. Although I cannot get you access through Patreon, I will give you the access to my google driver folders where the story is posted upon writing.

      You can join the discord server by clicking on the “discord” widget here on the website, or go to the support menu, where a link is provided.

      I am very sorry for your troubles with Patreon, and I hope we can find a solution quickly.

      Kind regards

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