BP Extra – Return to the Magical Forest 5

The dawn broke as the sun rose in the sky. Hui Yue and his friends were all wearing black clothes, and they had changed their usual robes to a set of trousers and shirts to make it easier for them to travel through the forest.

Looking at one another a tense atmosphere descended upon the party even the three beast sisters had become silent as they looked at Hui Yue waiting for him to start the hunt. Seeing that everyone was ready, he did not drag it out and nodded before he silently left the safety of the islands and started moving through the dangerous swamp.

Soon after the island which had housed Hui Yue and his friends turned silent as not even one person was left. Everyone rushed away to start their hunt. A very important hunt which determined the fate of the villagers.

Moving through the forest, no sound was made as the group of youngsters rushed through the forest until they came to a sudden halt. Without saying anything the group retreated and blended into their surroundings. Moments after another group broke through the vegetation. This group was smaller to the previous one, and the experts were around the same strength.

However, they had fewer people than Hui Yue’s group, and they were quite vigilant always observing their surroundings. One of them frowned as he lifted his arm causing everyone to stop. All four started scanning their surroundings with their spiritual energy seeing if anyone was nearby. Their actions were something Hui Yue and the others expected. It would only take the small group a short amount of time before they realized that Hui Yue and his friends were right next to them so Hui Yue he lifted his arm and pointed at the group of bandits. He then took his arm and drew a line across his neck. A cold gleam appeared in his eyes as he jumped from his hiding place.

With Black Blood in one hand and Velocity Flow pushed to its limit, Hui Yue appeared behind one of the four bandits within less than a second. He did not give the target the opportunity to defend himself before the strong, sharp dagger was thrust into the back of his neck. It penetrated all the way to the other side as blood foamed from the bandit’s mouth before Hui Yue withdrew the dagger. Moments after the bandit collapsed to the ground, and his life had long since left him.

Seeing the sneak attack the remaining three experts felt a shiver run down their spine, but none of them panicked. They were all veteran killers, and they knew how to keep calm. This was not the first time they lost a brother in combat.

All three had their focus solely on Hui Yue, and sinister grins appeared on their lips. Although they were the same level as Hui Yue and his friends, these bandits were far older and had gone through life and death battles countless times. All three of them were certain that they could take this cultivator, and ensure that he had a miserable death not even leaving his corpse intact.  

Looking at the young boy in front of them their faces grew increasingly menacing, but the smile on Hui Yue’s face did not change. Instead, he just stood there with Black Blood in his hand as blood dripped from the blade. He stood there observing the three experts.

Just as they were about to jump at the young man, a rustling could be heard behind them, and their menacing grins turned dim as they turned around. Their speed was unfortunately all too slow to save them. One was killed by ice shards going through his bodies courtesy of Bing Niao. The second died from a snake tail which coiled around his neck so strongly that a snapping sound was heard as his neck broke.

The final one of the third was a bit luckier. He was not instantly killed by the attack which went his way, but although he survived the sneak attack from Shui Wu, he found himself completely surrounded by this group of youngsters. All of them had a killing gleam in their eyes as they inched closer. Seeing the situation he was in, the bandit swallowed his saliva as he looked from one person to another. “I beg you don’t kill me!” He said. “I can give you information or anything you want so, please don’t kill me!” He kept begging, and Hui Yue contemplated for a short while. Information was definitely something he could use, but letting a tiger back into the mountain was not his style.

“Tell us all you know then we can consider whether or not you will be saved afterwards.” He said with a sigh, but his words caused a frown to appear on the bandit’s face. “Why would I tell you anything if you don’t promise me to not kill me?” He asked with a sour expression on his face, but no matter what he said, he was looked at with an expression of indifference.

“You can tell me what I want to know and maybe survive, or you can tell me nothing and die for certain,” He said with a shrug. “It’s up to you which one of them you want to go with, but personally, I know which option I would choose.”

Hearing his voice which was completely devoid of emotions and seeing the carefree expression on his face a shiver ran through the one surviving bandit’s heart. Although this person was a young man, he had a ruthlessness not suitable for anyone his age.

“Okay, you win,” He whispered after some time. “I’ll tell you what you want to know. When it comes down to it even if you know these things you won’t be able to do anything with the puny strength of you and your friends.” He smirked, yet the moment he spoke he saw a shadow flash and afterwards a stinging pain appeared from the side of his head, and he was sent to the ground flying back at least ten meters before he landed.

Sitting up, horror appeared in his eyes. A fear that grew as he spat out three broken teeth and blood. He never expected that a mere slap from this handsome young boy could be so frightening.

“I value that you are honest,” Hui Yue said as he moved towards the beaten bandit. “But keep it to facts. Your personal opinion has no interest to me.” He continued. Squatting down in front of the beaten bandit, Hui Yue moved his head from side to side as a cracking sound was heard, and an apathetic expression played on his face.

“Your boss, what rank is he?” Hui Yue asked first. This was something he truly needed information on. “He is a four star King ranked expert,” The bandit said proudly, but while he expected the young man to become frightened, all he did was nod a little. “Are the villagers being treated okay?” He asked secondly, yet this question caused the face of the man to pale. “They are being treated fairly well,” He said with a doubtful voice; a voice which caused Hui Yue’s frown to deepen and his killing intent to surge.

“Truthfully I got the answers I wanted from you,” Hui Yue said with a smile no less sinister than the one the three friends had previously. “Had you told me that the villagers were being treated well then I guess I would have let you go, but considering that you do not treat them well, I see no reason to treat you well either.” He said with a smile on his face and with a gesture so swift that only a shadow was seen he move his hand, and Black Blood cut open the cultivators throat. He was soaked in the blood that sprayed out from within his body.

Seeing how sinister and callous this young man was even the three beast sisters felt a shiver run through their bodies. They had the bodies of a beast, yet they would not show such cold killing intent easily.

Looking around, Hui Yue glanced at the many corpses that were littered on the ground and signs of fighting were visible everywhere. Looking at it like this, Hui Yue sighed. “We cannot really hide that a battle has occurred here so let’s leave it. Instead, we should rush to find another group and dispose of them. The more we kill now, the easier it will be when we enter the bandit’s lair.” He continued. Although the many people around him had a slight fear of his cold and direct killing intent, all of them knew that the reason he was like this was because his family had been threatened. Had his family not been threatened then he would have stayed the suave young man they all knew him as.

The group slowly made their way through the forest and every time they came across a group of bandits they followed the same plan. Sneak attacks allowed for them to get rid of many bandits without suffering a loss. What they did need however was breaks so that they could restore their inner energy.

As the night descended upon the forest, Hui Yue and his friends had successfully managed to kill a little more than thirty bandits. A decent amount for just one day.

“We should stay in the treetops tomorrow and only attack the experts when we are certain of victory. They will find the corpses soon, and although it looks as though beasts killed them, one can never be too careful. They will respond in one of two ways. Either they gather all their strength and enter the forest to capturing whoever killed their comrades or they will hide in their shell like a turtle and only allow people to leave their lair in massive groups to ensure their safety.” Hui Yue said as he climbed into a tall tree, and the other friends followed behind him.


“What did you say?!” A voice filled with strength echoed from within the stone hall. The voice was filled with anger and following the exclamation the sound of breaking glass could be heard. “You are telling me that every group which was in the Magical Forest all somehow died, and that they were killed by magical beasts?!” He yelled at the man who was kneeling in front of him. The bandit in front had the lowest status in this bandit group as his strength only amounted to that of a Practitioner. Normally he would not even be allowed to be in the main hall of the bandit’s lair yet today he had information to give their boss.

“Boss, I would never joke,” He said with a low, timid voice. “I went into the magical forest together with a group of three already, but we found no magical beasts. We only found one group of slain men after another.” He said trembling. Clearly, he was anything but happy about the information he was forced to give.

“Tomorrow, everyone will enter the Magical Forest. We will need to capture the beasts responsible for these murders! If it is perhaps some trifling humans, then I will let them know that none dare mess with us!” He yelled out, and as he spoke the entire stone hall trembled. After his last word every bandit within the hall raised their hand and started cheering. Their killing intent had been roused, and they were now willing to do anything to get revenge.

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