BP Extra – Return to the Magical Forest 6

This morning in the Magical Forest was eerily silent unlike usual. Instead of the sounds of animals fighting one could hear the sounds of men marching through the dense vegetation. One group after another broke off and stomped through the tall grass and bush, looking everywhere for magical beasts. But to their dismay, they found none..

During the night the beast sisters had rushed through the entire forest and made sure every beast headed to the swamp where they would be safe. Those who did not listen were few, and the result was an eerily silent forest; even the bandits were shocked by the silence as they walked through through.

Not far from the core group of bandits were Hui Yue and his friends watching attentively.  At Hui Yue’s signal they slowly moved from tree top to tree top following one of the small groups that left to searching for beasts.

Watching this group, Hui Yue noticed that they had fireworks with them, and were ready to shoot them into the air at a moment’s notice. Even so, Hui Yue was willing to attack them. Gesturing with his hands he signaled towards the group. Silently the group of youngsters and three beast sisters gathered in a circle around the bandits. With a sign, Hui Yue once more launched himself towards the leader of the group, the man carrying the fireworks. Before he had a chance to fully realize what happen and use the fireworks a gurgling sound was heard. Blood flowed around his mouth as he fell to the ground. Looking around, Hui Yue found that the four other bandits had already been dealt with by his friends and the beast sisters.

Without speaking, Hui Yue pointed towards the tree tops and once more the group vanished into the thick vegetation making it impossible for anyone to locate them. At first they waited nearby for a short while at but seeing no one else rushing over, they slowly made their way towards the massive group of bandits once more.

The bandit group was so loud that it was not difficult to trail them without being noticed by anyone. Time and again they followed groups that headed off to to hunt for beasts alone, and one group after another died, helpless to fight back. Hui Yue and his friends became better and better at killing soundlessly and swiftly. Even the friends started to acquire killing intent as it swirled around their bodies. The more bandits they killed the denser it became.

It was a couple of hours before the leader of the bandits stopped everyone and asked annoyed, “Why hasn’t anyone come back yet?!” He roared out, angry as he kicked a tree next to him. The kick caused the tree tops to shake and Gao Yan almost lost his balance. Seeing this, Hui Yue’s heart skipped a beat until he saw that Gao Yan saved himself.

“Someone go find them and see what is taking so long!” He yelled out and at once a few, smaller groups rushed into the thick bush. Unlike before, it was impossible for Hui Yue to follow every group so instead they just followed one which they quickly took care of before they returned just in time to see the messengers arrive. Their faces were pale as if all their blood had been drained, and their bodies trembled as they kowtowed in front of the bandit leader once more.

Hui Yue and his friends were too far away to hear what the bandits mumbled but they could easily hear the leader as he roared into the forest, “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!” His voice was loud but the forest was still as silent as before. The sudden news caused the King ranked expert to became slightly unnerved.

“Everyone back to the base!” He said as he swiftly looked around; his eyes clearly showing his nervousness as he rushed the bandits back. The change in his actions and person made Hui Yue dumbfounded until a smile appeared on his lips.

“He thinks that that Old Snake has taken action,” He mumbled as it finally made sense. This was a bit more complex than what Hui Yue expected to happen. It was clear that the bandits were now going to stay in their hideout and wait for the snake to leave, but while doing this, Hui Yue and his friends were incapable of touching them. Although they were strong, it was not possible for them to destroy the stronghold with the few people they had.

Seeing that they all vanished into the distance, Hui Yue’s expression was complex. “I guess we have one other option… ” He said as he scratched his chin. This was an idea he was not keen to do as it exposed them to the bandits; however, with the current situation they had no other options.

“Let’s become women,” He said seriously, his words causing everyone to stop in their tracks, staring at him dumbfounded and clearly unaware of what he had meant.

“Let’s return to the village,” Hui Yue said quietly. “Sisters, although I would love to have your help, you cannot join us on this part of the mission. Return to Old Snake and stay there until you hear from us again,” Hui Yue promised the three sisters and without any further ado the group split into two.

Moving towards the village, Hui Yue instantly entered his parents house and found some clothes which he started to change into. He tossed another set of his parents clothes at his friends before describing what his plans were.

His eyes completely serious as he found dress after dress belonging to his mother. “I am going to make my parents tell them that we just returned from the main city, and as long as we look somewhat womanly I am certain that the bandits will take us into the stronghold as servants.” He explained. “As soon as we get into the stronghold we can slowly take care of the leaders underlings before finally going after him.”

Hearing Hui Yue’s plan Gao Yan and Rong Ming shuddered as they were not too certain that the two of them were capable of looking like women; however, Deng Wu had a great smile on his face as he was seemingly very keen on the plan.

Hui Yue, Deng Wu, Rong Xing, and Wang Ju Long were quickly wearing the dresses and with a bit of charcoal Hui Yue put on some makeup. Although he was not skilled in the art of makeup he had a basic understanding and somehow managed to make both himself and Deng Wu look like women. Seeing this Rong Ming and Gao Yan were even more worried than they had been before.

Although they were worried, they understood that this was the best plan they had for now and they quickly donned the dresses. Soon they all sat there as women, waiting for his parents to return home and help the infiltrate the bandits hideout.

The day went by quickly as the friends in the small room were busy joking around as they tried to show their femininity and even Wang Ju Long couldn;t help but laugh at the boy’s actions.

Evening came soon and his parents arrived back at the house only to be shocked to see a bunch of women inside. At first they were stunned and unsure what was going on; however as soon as they saw the white hair they instantly recognized their own son. Seeing him dressed like a woman both of them burst into laughter; the father so much so that tears streamed from his eyes.

Although Hui Yue pretended to be upset, it was hard for him to be upset while watching his parents show such happy expressions. His heart warmed as he let them in on the plan. Hearing it, they were both incredibly worried, but hearing Hui Yue swear that he would be careful they knew that they this was the best plan they had.. Neither of them were experts, after all they could only trust Hui Yue’s words when he said that he was capable of getting rid of the bandits.

The entire night was spent talking with each other. His parents understood that something was happening with the bandit stronghold, yet they didn’t know exactly what had transpired until hearing that many of the bandits had already been executed at the hands of Hui Yue and his friends. As he spoke he unconsciously released his killing intent and the temperature in the cabin fell drastically which caused his mother to start shivering and Hui Yue’s younger brother to cry. Seeing the effects his killing intent had, Hui Yue swiftly withdrew it. Apologizing to his parents they once more changed to subject to a much lighter one – the subject of the men being dressed as women.

The night swiftly passed by and the following day, like all the others, bandits came to bring the villagers to the stronghold. Moving out from the cabin, the bandits were shocked as they suddenly saw Ma Kong, Gao Yan, Wang Ju Long, Rong Xing, Rong Ming, Deng Wu and Hui Yue wearing dresses. Seven young women had appeared out of nowhere and all seven of them looked worried and scared.

“Come with us pretty girls,” One of the bandits said with a smile on his lips, and the seven all followed him only to have another bandit stop Rong Ming and Gao Yan. “The two of you just follow everyone else. Look in a mirror, are you really considered pretty girls?” He snorted and the two of them acted scared as they hustled after the other villagers. Hui Yue was almost couldn’t help but laugh out loud hearing this comment at his two friends, but he held firm and pretended to be scared, just like Deng Wu, Ma Kong, and the two girls.

“Follow us,” The bandit repeated and started in a different direction than the villagers. Following behind the bandits, Hui Yue pretended to be a little braver than the others, “Where are you taking us?” He asked with a sugarcoated voice, but he got no answer. He could only sighed in his mind worried about what would happen.

In front of him a massive stone building rose up and following behind the bandits they slowly inched closer and closer to this building. Every time they crossed a lookout or a defensive post the bandits would whistle at them, and every time the ‘girls’ would gather closer and closer together holding each other’s hands fearful about their future. Their acting was indeed beautiful, and Lan Feng was nonstop inside the lower dantian. He could not help but feel excited as soon it would be time for him to join the battle.

Hui Yue snickered slightly as he felt the excitement bubble over from Lan Feng. He too was feeling more and more excited as they closed in on the massive building. He had to try very hard to not smile gleefully about how well the plan was currently going. Although Gao Yan and Rong Ming were considered too ugly to join them, as long as Hui Yue was there they were likely to win the battle. All he needed was to be cautious and he even had the strength of Deng Wu, Wang Ju Long, Ma Kong and Rong Xing by his side he felt even more safe than before.

Entering the massive stone building, the bandit led the the ‘girls’ to a closed room, and his face turned lewd. With a smile he licked his lips. “Little girls, we are going to play a little before you start working,” He said, yet before he had the chance to continue, Hui Yue skewered his throat with Black Blood watching the shocked expert crumble to the floor with disdain. “As if we would ever play with you,” He said, his voice ice cold as he started to fear what the other villagers had been through.

Opening the door, Hui Yue and his friends left the small room and started to go through the big stone building getting ready for the final and most important battle.

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