BP Extra – Return to the Magical Forest 7

Moving through the stone mansion, the group of ‘girls’ did what they could to keep to the shadows. Now and then bandits came walking by, but by staying in doorways, empty hallways, or the shadows they managed not to be noticed.

“We need to start killing these experts,” Hui Yue mumbled quietly so that only the ones around him heard what he said, and Hui Yue the started to release his Qi. He created a sword from Qi alone. This was Transforming Weapons, an attack he had perfected before.

Next time a bandit walked past them, the Qi sword shot through the air and embedded itself into the throat of the bandit who gurgled a few times before he fell to his knees and afterward straight on his face.

Moving forward like wind, Hui Yue grasped the corpse and took it to the shadows. Only to noticed a small pool of blood left behind. Cleaning it took a few moments, and then no one could tell that a bandit had been murdered.

Moving forward, they found another bandit. This time, Deng Wu used his Qi pillar and smashed the head of the bandit after which they dragged him into the darkness and cleaned the floor.

The bandits they had run into so far were all low ranked experts, and by using the element of surprise Hui Yue and his friends had no problems getting rid of one expert after another.

Moving around the stone mansion, they managed to kill one person after another. Their ambushes easily killed the experts who were even stronger than Hui Yue and his friends. They had more people after all, and they used sneak attacks such as flying Qi swords, massive Qi pillars, and other astonishing attacks to swiftly kill their enemies. Rong Ming was using slashing Qi, and Rong Xing was using her Floating Qi Fan. These were two of the abilities that Hui Yue had gifted them recently, and they had managed to perfect them making all of them armed with high-ranked martial art skills. Their skills were far above the skills of these common bandits, and thus they slaughtered them with ease.

More and more bandits appeared in the hallways, clearly looking for the ones who had disappeared. The more which appeared, the easier it was for Hui Yue and his friends to pick up one kill after another. Soon they had problems hiding all the people they had killed, but they continued none the less until a loud voice boomed throughout the corridors of the stone mansion.

“Vermin, stop attacking from the shadows! If you have the guts to fight us, then face us head on!” Following the yell, a loud cheer could be heard through the room, and Hui Yue noticed that no more experts appeared in the hall. All of them were now within the room ahead.

“We have no other choice than to fight head on now,” He said with gritted teeth. “I will deal with the leader, the rest of you take care of the other bandits. Kill as efficiently as possible. Every single person needs to die.”

Hearing the forceful words from Hui Yue, the others were shocked but said nothing as they understood that this was necessary for Hui Yue and his family. They could not afford to mess up.

“Well then, let’s go.” Saying this, Hui Yue took Black Blood in one hand, and four Qi sword were hovering around him. The moment he opened the door, the four flying swords instantly shot to his sides and pierced through the throats of the four experts who immediately collapsed. An eerie silence followed the sudden death of their comrades.

“It is girls!” One of the bandits said while laughing. “It’s just a group of girls!”

“Idiot.” The bandit leader said as he leaned back in his chair. “They are dressed up. However, they are only children. The rest of you can deal with them!” He laughed as he saw how the last twenty experts within the room all rushed forward.

“Sorry to rely on you guys,” Hui Yue said to his friends. Although they had lost the element of surprise, if they worked together they should be able to deal with these experts, and suddenly energy ripples formed shockwaves as Hui Yue’s strength suddenly became far stronger than it had been before. He was suddenly no longer a child that the boss could look down upon. A dark cloud appeared on the face of the boss, and he stood up. “To think you could force me to fight.” He said as he picked up a massive axe. Lan Feng, who was now in control of the battle could not help but snort in reply. Looking around, he grabbed a lance from one of the dead soldiers. Unlike Hui Yue, Lan Feng was more skilled in using spears and was now ready for the real fight.

Hui Yue was not a short person. Having cultivated since birth, he was actually quite tall, but looking at the bandit, he noticed that he was at least a head and a half taller than Hui Yue.

Knowing that attacking was the way to win, Lan Feng, in control of their body lounged forward. He swiped out his spear which landed against the bandit’s axe. The spear caused large sparks to fly everywhere. Jumping backwards and keeping the spear low to use it as a shield, Lan Feng cracked his neck moving it from side to side. This was going to be a fierce battle indeed.

As Lan Feng was retreating the bandit did not let this chance go, and spiritual energy entered his axe as he swung out. The axe came down again only to have Lan Feng block it with the spear causing, even more, sparks to appear.

The muscles in the bandit’s arm flexed making Lan Feng believe that another axe blow would be delivered, but instead he jabbed forward with the spear-like tip that was between the two crescent axe blades.

Dodging just in the nick of time caused Lan Feng to swear out loud. Understanding that although he was a Saint, the body he was currently in was no stronger than the opponent in front of him made him realize that to win he would have to do something unexpected.

Dancing around each other neither the bandit leader nor the phoenix launched attacks on one another; they just stood there as a tense atmosphere lingered between the two of them. Then suddenly the bandit found that the energy between them was heating up.

Sweat started to appear on his head. This was something he did not expect while fighting a small child. His hands were moist, and he started to lose his grip on the heavy axe.

Understanding that the young man in front of him was doing this on purpose, the bandit was aware that he needed to end the battle as soon as possible. Though even trying his but was to no avail as the young man in front of him was very good at avoiding attacks.

Lan Feng and Hui Yue had a forte for speed and agility. However, the man in front of him was slow and powerful. If Hui Yue were to be hit with all the bandit’s force, he was likely to be severely injured, but so far the bandit leader had underestimated Hui Yue and Lan Feng. At first, he thought Hui Yue was no more than a weak expert, but now his opinion had changed. He understood that the young man was stronger than he looked and even worse, the heat was spreading throughout the entire hall to effect the bandits. All of them started to sweat profusely; their bodies started becoming increasingly hot, and it made it harder for them to fight.

Avoiding one axe blow after another, Hui Yue easily dodged the attacks and finally a small blue flame appeared in his hand. The heat which had been uncomfortable was getting even more intolerable. It felt as if they had entered a volcano. The blue flame in Hui Yue’s hand was so warm that the bandit instantly knew that he was in a bad situation.

Using his axe he charged forward with a loud roar, and his roar caused all the remaining bandits in the room to start battling manically. They were bandits, and they understood that if they wanted to survive, they had to fight to live.

The blue flame in Lan Feng’s hand increased in size constantly heating up the room.

Suddenly a roaring sound came from the fire orb and without warning it shot towards the bandit leader. Lifting his axe he tried to protect himself, but when the flame came into contact with the black iron it instantly melted. The blue flame continued forward slamming into the bandit leader who had just dropped his axe. The moment it landed on his chest a shriek escaped his lips before it turned into blood-curdling screams until silence spread through the room.

The bandits who saw that their boss had died to the young white-haired child all felt a chill run down their spines, but while they were focused on Hui Yue the other youngsters executed their most powerful attacks and one after another the bandits fell to the ground.

Looking around within the chamber no living beings were left, and they quickly gathered all the storage stones on the bandits before they rushed through the entire mansion. At the top floor, they found a group of maids who were from the village.

No one had touched them, but they had been filled with fear. Had they not worked as maids then the bandits would have killed their families, something that made them incredibly fearful. Hearing that the bandits had died, disbelief and hope filled their eyes.

“How could a group of women such as yourselves manage to kill all those bandits?” One of the women asked shocked, but Hui Yue just laughed. Together they all left the stone mansion and went to the fields were the final bandits were located. The bandits who were controlling the villagers.

Upon reaching the fields, they found that all villagers were standing together, looking at the group which was advancing. Their faces filled with smiles and hope. In front of them, littered on the ground, were one corpse after another of bandits. Clearly, the ‘ugly women’ from their group had spent the time clearing out the bandits on the field.

Meeting up everyone tears were shed, and happiness filled everyone present. Everyone moved back to the village together, leaving the corpses of the bandits and the stone mansion of the bandits behind. They did not even both to bury the dead, letting the beasts of the magical forest have a feast.

After getting back to the village, Hui Yue left all the treasures and storage stones he had found on the bandits so the village once more had the opportunity to break out of their poverty.

“Elder, here are some cultivation techniques,” Hui Yue said as he handed over a few memory stones to the elder of the village. “These will allow the children to start cultivating when they are small. That way you will get stronger cultivators within the village and then be able to protect yourself even better. If the children are talented, they will also be able to enter the Royal Academy of Riluo City and learn even stronger abilities.”

Handing over the memory stones, Hui Yue ensured that all the memory stones were of the highest quality. Therefore they would be able to be used an astonishing ten times before they broke. Leaving this behind, Hui Yue felt safer about the future of the villagers.

“I guess it is time for us to leave and return to the school.” Hui Yue said with a sigh as he looked at his father, mother, and younger brother with love in his eyes. “We will meet each other again soon,” He said as he gave them each a hug and placed a kiss on his younger brother’s forehead.

Together Hui Yue and his friends vanished into the distance heading back towards the city where they would start a new school year at the academy.

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