FEotRS Chapter 10 – "Who Dares to Force Her?!"

Luo Zhirou looked at the Crown Prince with her apathetic eyes. She had long since been prepared for this day. This would be her final day alive, but it would also be the Crown Prince’s last day. 

She had no intention of making it easy for his man to marry her, so she just sat still, wondering how he would force her to marry him. 

The Crown Prince seemed to have expected this, but he did not seem to mind – in fact, his eyes shone with appreciation. The colder Luo Zhirou was towards him, the more he wanted to conquer her. 

Not caring about the maids and servants present in the room, he went forward and grabbed Luo Zhirou’s wrist, dragging her to her feet. Although she had a powerful body, she was, after all, a woman, and she did not have the same strength as the Crown Prince who had trained since he was a child. 

He had also used numerous treasured ingredients to temper his body that she had no access to, it was clear that she could not go against his strength.

Staggering to her feet, Luo Zhirou quickly calmed herself and stood still on her feet, not moving an inch, even when the Crown Prince was trying to drag her out. 

In the end, he knew that the woman had not changed her opinion over the few days that had passed. She still despised him. 

Thinking like this, he was slightly sad. She was definitely his favorite woman, but why did she not like him? He had status, he was handsome, and he would love her in the future. Naturally, he was the ideal husband. 

He tightened his grip on Luo Zhirou’s wrist and forcefully dragged her out of the room, towards the palanquin that had been prepared for her, and he pushed her inside, while he himself mounted a horse and rode by the side of the palanquin. 

At this time, Luo Zhirou tried to escape but her every move was under the watchful eye of many guards, and she wouldn’t get far before she’d get caught again. 

Thinking like this, she sighed. Was she really destined to marry a man she hated and die to find freedom? 

Just as they arrived at the main palace for the royals, a large crowd had gathered to see the woman who was said to have rejected their crown prince, and all of them felt as if they were spirited away the moment they saw her country-toppling beauty. She was so alluring, so enchanting, that they could not help but understand why the Crown Prince would force her, even if she were against it. 

As they reached the palace, a group of very sturdy women came to guard Luo Zhirou and watched her every step. If she tried to make the slightest move, they had been given orders to knock her out. 

Just as they entered the palace, they found that the Emperor, all nobles, all royals, and all officials had already arrived, looking curiously at Luo Zhirou. 

Luo Zhirou was struggling every step on the way, but she was being dragged forward, the actions clearly showing that it was not a lie that she was unwilling. 

At this point, a melodious but domineering voice suddenly sounded through the entire hall.

“Who dares to force her?!” 

All of them were stunned at that moment, Luo Zhirou especially. She felt a faint familiarity from the voice, but she didn’t remember whose voice it was. 

Looking up, she saw the most devastatingly handsome man she had ever seen before.

His eyebrows were like swords; his black eyes were twinkling like the starry sky. His hair was whipping in the wind, his white robe fluttering slightly. He was flying above the palace, his eyes glued to Luo Zhirou, complex emotions evident in his eyes.

When Luo Zhirou saw him, her mind blackened and her eyes widened.

“Big… Big Brother Jin?” she muttered, but it was already so quiet that a needle could be heard dropping to the floor, so everyone heard her voice. 

The people finally showed an understanding color. She was not willing to marry the Crown Prince because she already had a sweetheart, and this sweetheart was much stronger than the Crown Prince. 

The Emperor was pale. He looked at the man hovering in the air, and he felt fear seeping out through his heart. He had only seen flying people once before, fifteen years back when they had come to find that one woman. 

He understood that anyone who could fly in the sky came from the world above. Just who had his son offended this time?! 

Jin Feihong did not have time to look at the Emperor; he was looking at the girl who had been unyielding moments before, but now had tears in her eyes and looked utterly lost. 

He suddenly felt his immensely cold and usually emotionless heart melt. Even if he had not known before that she was unique to him, then he knew it now. She was the most special person in the entire universe to him. 

He slowly descended from the air, his eyes looking at the wrist of Luo Zhirou which was grasped in the Crown Prince’s hand and an immense coldness suddenly spread within the entire hall. Even the walls started to get frosted over, and the guests began trembling.

“How long do you plan on holding her?” he asked with a gloomy voice, his eyes glaring at the Crown Prince. 

The Crown Prince had a hideous expression on his face. He understood he should not fight this guy, that if he did, it was likely that even the entire Riluo Empire would suffer with him, but he was not willing to let go of Luo Zhirou.

“Well?” The voice of Jin Feihong was so gloomy that it seemed as if all happiness had vanished, and the prince, although not willing, had to remove his hand. 

Jin Feihong walked to Luo Zhirou’s side, and his eyes turned sharp when he saw her massaging her bruised wrist. 

Her skin was soft and white, it bruised with the slightest pressure, and this time it was grasped tightly and pressed upon harshly; the marks were ugly. 

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