FEotRS Chapter 4 – Promise

Days went by like flowing water. Luo Zhirou and Jin Feihong spent all their time together, talking and playing.

They had returned to a meadow that was hidden in between two big mountains, finding this place was very difficult, and Luo Bailong had picked this place because he feared that those who chased Jin Feihong might return. 

The meadow was full of flowers and butterflies, Luo Zhirou was running around filled with happiness, while Jin Feihong was for once realizing what it was like to be a child.

Although Jin Feihong was a Young Master with a prestigious background, he was not too prideful to play with Lou Zhirou, in fact, he felt more human when he was with her.

Luo Zhirou adored her Big Brother Jin. She would make flower crowns for him, or tell him stories about the East Pearl Tribe that her father had told her about. 

Jin Feihong was smart. He understood that the stories that Luo Zhirou was telling her about were some that could never be told to outsiders, and he felt so happy to know that Luo Zhirou was not treating him as one. 

His entire being was radiating happiness whenever he was together with her. He showed his strength, which was way above any mortal’s, and he was helping Luo Bailong capture a lot of prey. He was showing Luo Zhirou how he was able to split the river that ran through the meadow and cleave the trees that were surrounding them. 

Luo Zhirou’s eyes were widening in shock and surprise whenever she saw his display of strength she would cheer him on, and he would for once feel pride in his strength.

Jin Feihong, who had never before known the reason why he cultivated, suddenly began understanding it. He wanted strength so that he could protect those he cared about. Before he was all alone, only the sect was close to him, but now he found someone whom he truly cared about. He would do everything in his power to never let her suffer again. 

Looking at the brilliant smile on Luo Zhirou’s face, Jin Feihong felt a strange happiness that had taken root in his heart. His heart, which previously was cold and lacked emotions, was now blooming like a flower, he smiled much more, and now he was feeling complete. Whenever he was near Luo Zhirou, his whole being was exuding happiness.

Luo Bailong was happy to see this, and the two children had become inseparable. Even though Jin Feihong did not need sleep, he would go to sleep every night for the sake of resting together with Luo Zhirou. These moments were precious to him, and he did not want to miss out on them.

Time flowed like water, day after day, the two children would run around Luo Bailong, and they would play together, spending every hour of a day together. Luo Bailong had long ago given up on separating them.

A month passed quickly, and even Luo Bailong had started to view Jin Feihong as a part of their lives. 

Jin Feihong was a proud son of the heavens. He had never lived life like this before, he had never tried living as a mortal, nor an ordinary person, but he had long since felt a sense of belonging alongside the Luo father and daughter pair. He was even hoping that Elder Li would not appear again.

Unfortunately, things did not go according to plan, and after a month and a half, Elder Li appeared in front of them.

“Little Lord!” He called out in shock when he saw how his young master was seated in a meadow filled with flowers, and allowing for a mortal child to make flower crowns that she placed on his head. 

Even more shocked was he when he saw the satisfied and happy expression on Jin Feihong’s face. Never before had he seen him this happy. Never before had he seen him this at peace with himself. He placed a gentle kiss on the doll’s forehead before he turned around his head and looked at the one who was speaking.

“Old Li,” the moment Jin Feihong heard Elder Li’s voice, his happiness on the face diminished, and his expression turned apathetic once more. 

Sensing the difference in her Big Brother Jin, Luo Zhirou was confused, but while being in a confused state, she felt that Jin Feihong grasped her hand in his, and held on tightly as if he was afraid that she would disappear. 

“Little Lord, I have looked for you everywhere!” Elder Li exclaimed, and he felt guilty for the fact that he had left this young master alone for as long as he had. 

“Don’t worry; I have been fine. Zhirou saved me from the pursuers, and she and her father have looked after me well since then.”

The previously so gentle voice was now cold and emotionless, the sudden change in character made Luo Zhirou unsure about what was happening. Although her intelligence was above that of a child, she was very unfamiliar with dealing with other people. 

It was clear that Jin Feihong knew this ‘Elder Li’, but he was not happy. Why would he not be happy for his friend to find him? 

“We need to go back,” Elder Li said with a sigh. “It is almost time for you to undergo the tribulation. We cannot spend more time on this mortal plane.”

Jin Feihong shook his head. “I am not going back,” he stated with a seriousness that shocked Elder Li. 

“Little Lord, you have to come back with me!” He was stunned to hear that the child was not willing to follow him back. What kind of sorcery had these two father and daughter pair used to trick his little lord? 

“Why? I am happy here,” Jin Feihong held his normal arrogance, and his hand that was grasping Luo Zhirou’s was holding her tightly, not at all willing to let go. 

Sensing this, Elder Li changed his strategy. “Little Lord, the problem is that you will have to undergo tribulation, and if you are here in the lower realm, by the side of this sweet little girl, you will endanger her.”

Jin Feihong gritted his teeth with unwillingness as he looked at the trusting eyes of Luo Zhirou, who was standing by his side. Although he was merely eight years old, three years older than her, he understood many things she had never experienced before.

If he left with Elder Li now, it would be difficult for him to meet her again anytime soon. The tribulation was genuinely horrifying, and only because of his particular circumstances would he have to undergo it at this young an age. 

Luo Zhirou did not understand what they were talking about. “Big Brother Jin has to leave?” she asked, her voice trembling slightly.

It was not only Jin Feihong who had been lonely before; she had never interacted with other children, and Jin Feihong had become immensely important to her. 

Jin Feihong’s heart started shaking instantly when he heard her trembling voice. He was filled with sadness, but he knew that she was going to be in danger if he stayed. 

“I will come back for you,” he said instinctively. “One day, I will return and bring you to my world.”

Luo Zhirou looked at him with hopeful eyes. “You will?” 

Seeing her being this hopeful, Jin Feihong nodded his head. “I will,” he promised. “You do not have to wait too long. Give me a few months, and then I will come and take both you and uncle Bailong with me to my sect!”

“Big Brother Jin, what is a sect?” Luo Zhirou cocked her head to the side as she asked quizzically, but Jin Feihong just smiled gently and did not answer.

“I will fetch you at the latest half a year later,” he promised, his eyes filled with determination and sincerity. 

Looking into his eyes, Luo Zhirou did not know why, but she felt a sense of relief and happiness, and she smiled her sweetest smile and nodded her head. 

“We will wait for you,” she declared. “We will wait for you to come and fetch us.”

Hearing her speak so solemnly, Jin Feihong felt much more at peace in his heart. As long as she would wait for him, he would never let her regret her decision. 

With a last glance at Luo Zhirou, Jin Feihong leaned down and placed a gentle and very innocent kiss on her forehead before he floated towards Elder Li.

Seeing the interactions between Luo Zhirou and Jin Feihong, Elder Li was stunned. 

He had never thought that these two would have become close to such a degree in only one and a half months, but reality proved that they genuinely cared deeply for one another. 

With a last look at the doll-like girl that was standing all alone in the meadow, trying hard to keep her tears at bay, both Jin Feihong and Elder Li ascended into the heavens above.

Luo Zhirou’s eyes were filled with unwavering determination. One day she would also ascend to the heavens and follow her big brother Jin. 

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