FEotRS Chapter 6 – Forgotten

Jin Feihong was seated in Elder Li’s room, his fingers gently fiddling with the memory orb in his hands. The more he looked at the little girl, the more his heart would hurt 

It was as if she was very important to him, but he could not think of why he would have forgotten her. 

The room slowly turned dark, but even in the darkness, Jin Feihong waited for Elder Li to return to his chambers. 

He did not return before the evening was turning  to night; his face was filled with a smile until he saw Jin Feihong seated in a chair, holding the memory orb in his hand.

The head was lowered as if he was in deep thought, and Elder Li’s heart dropped. 

“Young Master,” he called out, and Jin Feihong lifted his head, a slightly cold gleam appeared in his eyes.

“Who is she?” he asked, his voice was emotionless, but he was still feeling pain in his heart whenever he thought about her. 

“Young Master, calm down,” Elder Li trembled slightly. When Jin Feihong had been a child, he had needed a Dao Protector because he had still not undergone the tribulation, but now he was no longer the same as before. 

“I asked you about something,” Jin Feihong’s voice sounded again, this time a slight thread of pressure was exerted. 

“Her name is Luo Zhirou.” The Elder would never forget her name, but he had hoped that his master would never remember her again.

“Luo Zhirou…” The name rolled off of Jin Feihong’s tongue, and the pain in his heart increased drastically.

“Tell me what happened,” he ordered. 

Elder Li sighed. He knew that he could not lie; his master would be able to see through it instantly, he had no other option than to be honest about it. 

“When you were eight years old, we had come to a mortal world for the sake of finding a unique treasure. 

“I had been separated from you, and the Palace of Death made a move to attack and kill you. 

“At that time you were saved by the five-year-old Luo Zhirou. She used some sort of powder to make you invisible, and the assassins couldn’t find you.

“After that, you spent some time together with her and her father, living alongside them.”

“How long?” Jin Feihong asked, and Elder Li wiped the sweat of his forehead. 

“A month and a half.” Elder Li answered truthfully.

Jin Feihong was quiet for some time as he looked at the young child in the memory orb; her happy smile made him feel pain. There had to be something more important he had forgotten.

“Tell me,” He said with a hard voice. He was aware that Elder Li was hiding something important from him, and his mood turned turbulent.

“Well… You… You promised to pick her up after the tribulation,” Elder Li finally said the thing that was most important. “You promised her that after half a year you would definitely come and get both her and her father, bringing them with you to the sect.”

Hearing this, Jin Feihong’s eyes widened in shock, and he bit his lower lip in worry. He had promised her something but since he had forgotten all about her after the tribulation, he obviously never did as he had promised. Had she waited all these years for him? Had she given up waiting for him? 

The thought of her having given up on him was such a heart wrenching pain that he did not know what to do; he was filled with worry.

“Why did you never say anything?!” Jin Feihong yelled at Elder Li, his cool was entirely lost, and his eyes were burning with rage.

He was not sure why, but even though he could not remember her, she had a significant influence on his emotions, and he was furious. This little girl had waited for him for more than nine years!

“I…” Elder Li could not say that he felt that she was too lowly to be a member of their sect. He could see how much his young master valued her: if he said something, then he would be executed on the spot.

“Which world was it?” Jin Feihong asked. 

Stunned, Elder Li answered unconsciously, “The one that is now named Riluo World as the Riluo Empire took over everything.”

Jin Feihong gave a final glance at Elder Li before he stored the memory orb away and exited the room in a rush. 

He rushed straight to the transportation portals that led to the mortal worlds.

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