FEotRS Chapter 9 – Wedding in Three Days

Luo Zhirou didn’t try to rush anything this time. She understood that the Crown Prince was likely to have put guards outside the door once more, so even if she managed to get out of the chamber, the only thing it would do was cause her more problems. 

“Where are you, Big Brother Jin?” Luo Zhirou muttered to herself, but moments after she slapped her face hard. 

She could not rely on Big Brother Jin to support and protect her. He had let her down ten years ago, and he would not appear as a knight in shining armor and save her now. 

The stinging pain on her cheek made her understand that no one could save her. Her Big Brother Jin could not, and her father couldn’t either. 

She had told her father that she would go and look for some bandits. It would often take her a month or two when she did that, so her father was likely not even aware that she was kidnapped back to the capital.

“Since I can’t get saved, I might as well drag him down to hell with me,” she muttered. “I guess, killing the Crown Prince of the Riluo Empire is also a decent achievement.”

Having reached this conclusion, she no longer rushed to escape. She knew it was pointless anyway. She was a dead woman, but at least she would trade her life for that annoying pretty boy’s. 

While Luo Zhirou had come to terms with her death, the Crown Prince had gone to see his father. The Crown Prince was heavily doted upon by the Emperor, so when he heard that he wished for a glamorous wedding, a wedding of the century, he did not hesitate to accept it. 

“She is not willing to marry me,” the Crown Prince suddenly said. He knew he could not hide it from his father, as she would, without a doubt, make a ruckus on the wedding day.

Hearing this, the eyes of the Emperor turned solemn, and slight anger rose within. “She is unwilling?” he asked with a dangerously low voice.

“Don’t worry, she will learn to love me eventually,” the Crown Prince assured his father calmly. “But for now, she is better kept locked up until she accepts her fate in life.”

Like this, rumors spread rapidly in the Imperial Capital about how the Crown Prince had brought the most beautiful woman the capital had ever seen and that he would marry her shortly. However, rumor also had it that she was unwilling!

Every woman within the capital was outraged when they heard about this. The Crown Prince was the man that every woman dreamt of marrying. 

They were all curious about this unknown woman who had rejected the man of their dreams, and soon the name Luo Zhirou spread throughout the entire Empire.

Even so, her father was staying in the forests, so he did not get a wisp of information about the so called woman that was named Luo Zhirou whom the crown prince had kidnapped.

While Luo Zhirou was being held prisoner, she did not lack anything. The Crown Prince treated her very well, sent her the best to eat, the most elegant clothes, and the most beautiful jewelry. 

She was like a beautiful bird locked in a cage. Her mood was turning more and more morose. 

While she was being kept as a pet, Jin Feihong arrived at the Riluo Empire, his eyes filled with loss and sadness as he scoured the entire area with his gaze. 

He arrived at the location where he had been ten years ago. He had instantly recognized it from the memory orb, but no matter how much he searched, he was unable to find any traces of the young woman. 

He continued moving further and further away before he came across a city. He did not need either food or sleep; he was no longer a mere mortal, so he had stayed away from the cities most of the time. However, the first thing he heard as he entered made him stop in his tracks and listen to the ongoing conversation.

“This Luo Zhirou does not know what is good for her,” a woman said as she stood next to another few women, all of which were clearly married and were gossiping in the corner. 

“The Crown Prince took a liking to her, but she refuses to accept his love and even rejects his marriage arrangement!”

“Even if it is like that, the Crown Prince is the future monarch of our country; he will make her succumb one way or another.”

“I heard that the wedding will be held in three days. She will be forced to marry him whether she wants to or not.”

Jin Feihong felt his heart clench when he heard the words of these ladies; he suddenly felt worried, angry, and scared. What if this was his Luo Zhirou? 

Without waiting for any longer, he turned around and transformed into a beam of light, which shot towards the Imperial Capital. Although he was fast, he would need time to arrive at the Imperial Capital. If he did not hurry, then he would not make it in time for the wedding. 

While he left, one of the wives was standing dumbstruck and looking at the direction he had vanished into.

“Madam Mo, what’s wrong?” one of the others asked shocked, but the woman just shook her head and said, “An angel! I think I just saw an angel!”

In the morning, three days later, the room, which was more like a prison to Luo Zhirou, was so crowded with servants and maids, all of which were doing their best to dress her up in her red wedding dress and do her make-up.

Contrary to what they had expected, she was not so much against them, but she was not helping them either. She was just sitting there like the most beautiful doll they had ever seen, allowing them to do what they wished. 

After applying the make-up and seeing her in the beautiful red dress, all of them looked as if their souls had been sucked away. She was simply too beautiful to be described. 

At this point, the Crown Prince came to pick her up, and when he saw her, he was stunned for a long time before an enchanting smile appeared on his lips. This woman was the only kind of woman who was worthy of him!

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