Forsaken Immortals Chapter 10 – Two Beauties

“Call Qing Yi and Qing Er back,” Li Moyun suddenly said to the guard. “Have them come and help Bai Rouyun look the best she possibly can. I am bringing her to see the General’s Household again. Those people want her to be dead? I will let them see otherwise!” 

The shadow guard was somewhat stunned. Qing Yi and Qing Er were a set of twins. Both of them were amongst his most trusted aides, but because of their gender, they had not been allowed to live in the Yun Palace. Instead, when they were not out on missions, they would run two establishments within the capital city. 

Qing Yi ran an upscale inn with a restaurant while Qing Er ran a very famous brothel. This way, their intelligence gathering was top-notch; they got knowledge from all layers of society. 

The shadow guard instantly nodded his head, cupped his fists, and retreated from the room. 

“Do you want to have been cured already?” Li Moyun looked at Bai Rouyun with worry in his eyes. He had initially planned to make her seem like a dumb child for a bit longer, but whenever he thought about the suffering she had gone through, his heart would ache. 

At the same time, he had promised her not to let her suffer from any grievances, but now he knew that her paternal family had tried to kill her. It was simply not acceptable.

“It is not time yet,” Bai Rouyun said with a slight smile on her lips, her smile made her seem innocent and adorable, but something within the cold eyes made Li Moyun understand that she was scheming against someone. 

“What I suggest us doing, is to give my dear family a visit,” Bai Rouyun smiled tenderly. “They love me so much, so seeing me healthy and alive will inevitably cause some of them great displeasure. Then you can drop the word that you have a doctor capable of healing me. We will see their actions after that.

“They will not dare to challenge the prestige of a prince within the capital directly, so I am safe. Still, they will tell me a lot of interesting information as long as they think I am dumb.

“Right now, I do not know who within the General’s Estate hates me and who are on my side, if any. If I suddenly show up healed, they will mask their wickedness, but as long as they know nothing, they will not try to hide anything.”

“But won’t you have to suffer from verbal abuse then?” Li Moyun frowned. 

Hearing this, Bai Rouyun felt slightly touched. This man was not too bad, actually caring about her, but moments after she turned aloof. 

“There is nothing they can call me that I have not already been called before.” Her voice sounded aloof, but there was a hidden bitterness within.

Knowing that she was speaking about her old life, Li Moyun was feeling distraught. What kind of life had she led before for her to have been called every bad thing possible? 

While they were speaking, a knock came on the study door, and Li Moyun opened it, only to reveal two beautiful women. Their appearance was the same, but their aura and facial expressions were completely different from one another.

One of them help a slight smile on her face, her body was lazy, and she resembled a tiger, languid yet dangerous. She was alluring, and her every act was as if she wanted to enchant the entire world. 

The other woman was cold. She was aloof from the mundane world, her eyes were freezing, and her demeanor made it difficult to approach her.

Looking at these two beauties that had emerged in the study, Bai Rouyun rubbed her chin, a smile flittered across her lips. 

Who was it that said that Li Moyun had no beauties around him? The maids were all extraordinary, and these two twins were something that came out from every man’s wet dream.

She then glanced at Li Moyun to see how he reacted now that the two women arrived, but his face was as cold as before, there was not the slightest bit of tenderness in his eyes.

“Qing Yi, Qing Er, this is your Madam,” he introduced Bai Rouyun, and the woman, who was alluring as a succubus, lost her smile, as she stared a the peerless beauty seated at the couch. 

Not only her, the ice-queen’s eyebrows furrowed. 

“My Lord, you called us back to introduce her?” the alluring woman asked. She was not willing to call her their Madam; this was simply a disgrace to the entire Eternal Shadow Palace.

Bai Rouyun knew what they were thinking, but she said nothing as she leaned back on the couch. It was not that she did not want to teach them a lesson, it was just that these two belonged to her husband, and she was not in a position to punish them.

However, all goodwill she had felt towards Li Moyun was dwindling slowly. If she found out that he had other women outside, and she wasn’t his only wife, a divorce was bound to appear within a short time. 

Although she was in this wedding for the sake of protection, she was against a man with multiple wives and concubines. Her man could only have her in his entire life, just like she would only have him. 

Even a nominal husband was the same. This Li Moyun had been very touchy with her, but if he had contracted germs from sleeping with many other women, then she was not going to let him touch her again. 

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