Forsaken Immortals Chapter 2 – Husband, Li Moyun

Frowning, the man looked at the woman. Everything seemed the exact same as the woman he had married today, but she was clearly different. 

At the same time, he was sure that she was the same, but not the same. Why would she poison herself? It was clear that someone had tried to get rid of her, and that meant that she was the original. 

“Tell me who you are now, or I will kill you,” the man decided that it was time to be ruthless. He had only married the woman because she was dumb, deaf, and mute. Unable to tell anyone what actually happened in his palace, but now it seemed that his plans had been obstructed.

“My name is Bai Rouyun,” she said after contemplating her options. She knew that this man was not joking when he threatened to kill her. “I am not sure how I ended up here,” she continued. 

“One moment I died, the next I was here.”

The man was shocked when he heard this. Spirit resurrection? Seeing that he was deep in thought, Bai Rouyun became slightly anxious. “Hey, I told you the truth, don’t kill me now,” she said with a meek voice. 

The man suddenly realized he had been silent for some time, and a sinister smile spread on his lips. “I won’t,” he promised, causing Bai Rouyun to take a deep breath of relief. 

“But you will have to play the act of my wife well,” he continued. “The Bai Rouyun you have become is a mute, deaf, and dumb girl. Her beauty is unparalleled, but her mind is like a five-year-old child, and she can neither speak nor hear.”

Bai Rouyun was shocked to hear this, “your taste is quite heavy,” she commented after a moment, but her words just caused the man’s face to turn black. 

“I had no choice,” he explained. “I was forced into this marriage by my royal father, and since she was a dumb kid, she would not be able to tattle tale on what happens in the palace.”

Hearing this, Bai Rouyun’s eyes gleamed with excitement. What happened in the palace? Was it interesting? 

Seeing her curious expression, the man could not help but chuckle. Her appearance was too adorable.

Then Bai Rouyun was reminded of a few things. “I can act like a dumb kid for some time, but you will have to find a doctor who can cure me,” she said after contemplating for some time.

“I died with grievances, and I wish to seek revenge, but as a dumb person, that is not possible.”

“That’s fine,” the man did not mind. He knew the woman’s secret; she would never betray him as long as she wished to be alive.

Spirit possession was something deeply frowned upon, and if he chose to share this news with others, she would definitely die. 

“Well then, husband, to our continued collaboration,” Bai Rouyun said with a smile as she lifted a glass of wine from the table and gave him a toast. After seeing her gesture, he also took a cup and offered her a toast in return.

Looking at him, Bai Rouyun suddenly thought of something, “what is your name?” she should at least know the name of her husband. 

“Li Moyun” 

Nodding her head, Bai Rouyun smiled widely as she moved to the bed, took a pair of blankets and pillows, and tossed them to the floor.

“As a man, you would not fight with me for the bed, right?” she asked, her smile so broad that her eyes had bent into crescent moons. 

Seeing her like this, Li Moyun was feeling helpless, but he could not help but smile as he shook his head. 

“If you want the bed, naturally, I will not fight with you for it,” he said. 

Initially, he had planned on sharing the bed with her, but after seeing her acts, he found her amazingly adorable and could not help but give in, but when had he, Li Moyun, ever slept on the floor? 

Smiling helplessly to himself, he realized that he seemed to have some somewhat positive thoughts about this new Bai Rouyun.

Bai Rouyun, on the other hand, did not overthink. She just grinned, blew out the candle, and laid down on the bed, after which she fell asleep. 

The following day she awoke to feel immensely refreshed. A smile was ever-present on her lips as she stretched, and when she looked around, she found that Li Moyun was seated not far from her, cultivating instead of sleeping. 

When she started stirring, he too broke off his cultivation and looked at her. “awake?” he asked, and the woman nodded her head as she rubbed her tummy. “I’m hungry,” she muttered.

“As long as you are within my Yun Palace, you can act as you please,” Li Moyun started explaining, “but if you leave or if someone comes to see you, you have to behave as if you are dumb. can you do that?” 

“No problem,” Bai Rouyun grinned and took his arm intimately and familiarly. 

Li Moyun was stunned at first, but he, who loathed close contact with anyone, did not dislike this petite and slender hand holding onto him.

“Let me take you to the dining room,” he continued, and together they left the chamber.

Bai Rouyun quickly realized that she was not very welcome within the palace. Everyone was looking at her with disdain and a sense of superiority; even a maid was glaring at her. 

Seeing that her actions were infuriating the maids they came across, she just smiled brilliantly — her face expressed her complete lack of care for the mere servants’ thoughts.

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