Forsaken Immortals Chapter 3 – Not to be Bullied!

Since Li Moyun had told her that she could act as she pleased within the palace, it meant that no one inside the palace would tell the outside world about what was happening inside. 

As such, she had no qualms about being herself. And what she was, was the main, and only, wife of Prince Li Moyun. He did not even have a concubine to his name, leaving her as the only woman by his side. 

Cunningness flashed by her eyes when she saw the disdain in the eyes of these servants, and she was thinking about how to make them understand that she was not to be bullied when they finally arrived at the dining room.

Looking at the table, Bai Rouyun found that the table had one set of chopsticks, one plate and one serving of food at one end of the table, where the master was supposed to sit. Another pair of chopsticks alongside plain water congee was placed at the position furthest away from the master’s seat, the water congee containing only a few grains of rice, it was more or less just boiled water.

Seeing this, the eyes of Bai Rouyun flashed with coldness. She could understand that they treated her with disdain, but this was clearly mistreatment. 

Thinking about how someone from the palace had poisoned the original owner of the body, her face was cold as a millenium-old glacier. 

But the expression lasted merely a moment, before the innocent and ever-present smile hung on her lips again. 

Without wasting time, and without asking for Li Moyun’s opinion, she sat down at the master’s seat, took the chopsticks and placed some of the food in the bowl, before she began eating gracefully.

A flicker of interest flashed in Li Moyun’s eyes. He had known that she was no ordinary figure to be able to do a spirit possession, but he never thought that she was so daring. Still, he could not bring it in himself to become upset with her, instead he glanced at the boiled water with few rice grains and frowned.

Seeing his frown, the maid who had served the food misunderstood it completely and was certain that this displeasure that oozed out of his body was caused by Bai Rouyun, and she saw it as a chance to vent some of her anger on this useless waste. 

“Who do you think you are, bitch! How can you sit at the master’s seat and eat the master’s food?! A little bitch like you is just a dog to our master, and you have no luck to eat such fine food. I already prepared something for you, a little dog like you can only eat dog food!” 

Having said this she raised her hand and was about to slap it down, but before she had the chance to do so, Bai Rouyun lifted he had and looked at her with a disinterested face. 

Li Moyun had been about to rush into the midst of the two women to stop the maid from hitting Bai Rouyun, but when he saw her cold eyes, he was shocked. Was this the childish and amusing person he had talked with the night before? 

Now she was clearly angered, and her eyes showed her emotions clearly, they were so sharp that even Li Moyun felt his heart race. 

“A mere maid dares to lift her hand at her mistress?” the slightly hoarse voice came out from Bai Rouyun’s lips, as they hooked into a slight smile. 

“I thought that this palace had enough money to feed this mistress, but it seems that my husband is merely a paper tiger and that this palace is nothing more than an empty shell!” 

Li Moyun was stunned when he heard her sharp-tongued words, but he also felt enlightened. His heart was filled with anger, not towards Bai Rouyun, but towards those who wanted to feed her with boiled water.

“Drag her to the punishment hall to receive her punishment!” Li Moyun sneered as he glanced at the maid. Two shadow guards instantly emerged from the shadows and towed her away while she was screaming for forgiveness.

“Still standing there? Go fetch another serving of breakfast.” Li Moyun quickly ordered another maid, his voice was freezing cold, but the maid was stuck silly by the fact that the dumb woman had spoken. How could she speak?!

What made the maid even more shocked was that although this waste had insulted the honor of the Yun Palace, Li Moyun had done nothing about it, but just told her to bring another serving.

The next scene made her so frightened that her body started trembling. Li Moyun did not chase Bai Rouyun away from the seat. Instead, he sat next to her, looking at the food she was happily munching down.

“This food was supposed to be mine,” he reminded her, feeling slightly puzzled. Why could he not get mad at her? 

Bai Rouyun smiled and picked up a dumpling with her chopsticks, which she then lifted to his mouth, “eat then,” she said and laughed. 

The many servants present were struck dumb. Who had given this woman so many guts that she dared trying to feed their master? This was simply suicide!

However, they got even more confused moments after when Li Moyun opened his mouth and accepted the dumpling. 

“Not bad,” he said, his eyes glistening as he looked at her happy face as she ate. She resembled a happy little hamster that was gobbling on the food at a rapid speed. A laugh escaped his lips. 

Realizing that he was still there, Bai Rouyun realized that she ought to give him some food too, so from time to time, she would share some of the food with him, using her own chopsticks.

Even when the second serving arrived, did she continue to feed him, and he never once used his own chopsticks.

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