Forsaken Immortals Chapter 4 – Not Dumb?

When the meal was over, Bai Rouyun smiled happily. She loved eating, and especially when the food was good, and the food that Li Moyun was given was without a doubt good quality. 

Seeing his wife’s happiness, Li Moyun felt a tenderness within his heart as he looked at her, and without realizing it, he reached out his hand and caressed her cheek.

The soft and velvety touch that greeted his hand was enough to make his heart beat rapidly, and his lips hooked up in a tender smile. 

The many Shadow Guards hiding in the shadows were stunned when they saw this tender expression on their master’s face. Master was also capable of making such an expression? 

Many of the maids had their hearts beating rapidly from seeing the handsome face filled with such gentleness, and they quickly understood that this little dumb woman was not to be bullied. 

As to how she had managed to win the favor of their master, all of them were certain that it was because of her beauty. 

After a bit of hesitating all of them suddenly realised that something was off. The woman was supposed to be mute. She was also supposed to be deaf, and her mental age should be that of a child. How on earth could she be so sharp tongued? 

But their master had not seem surprised by her suddenly speaking, so it seemed he knew she was not dumb. 

Although Li Moyun very much enjoyed the smooth skin under his hand, he saw that Bai Rouyun was not happy. 

“What’s wrong?” He asked with a voice filled with pampering, very unlike his usual self. 

“I am not pleased.” She said whole pouting. “I am the mistress of this palace but everyone sees me as the plague and considers it as if I had polluted you.”

Hearing her words, Li Moyun smiled slightly. “You are my wife, don’t worry, I will not let you suffer any grievances.”

“Your servants killed me last night and now they want to give me boiled water for breakfast. Is this how you say I will not suffer grievances?”

Li Moyun was somewhat embarrassed by her words as they were true, but he also wanted to placate her and thus he took her into his embrace. Showing affection should not be a problem, the woman was his wife after all. 

But Bai Rouyun was shocked. She had never before been in such close proximity with a man so she froze before hitting his sturdy chest with her small balled up fists. 

“Let me go this instance!” She exclaimed completely flustered, but her flustered expression just tickled Li Moyun’s heart and he smiled gently. This new version of Bai Rouyun was simply too adorable. 

“Don’t be upset,” he said gently. “I will make the entire palace know of your importance in a short moment.”

Bai Rouyun quickly realised that she had no way of contending against the strength that Li Moyun commanded right now. He was clearly in the innate realm of cultivation. 

The realms of cultivation was split into the acquired realm and the innate realm. The acquired realm was split into three sub realms. First one was the Earth Realm, followed by the Sky realm and finally the Heaven realm, all three were further split into initiate, mediate and advanced layers. 

Then came the innate realm. The innate realm had seven tiers, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Each of these tiers were further split into seven layers. When Bai Rouyun had died in her previous life, she had been at the innate realm, violet tier and sixth layer. 

She had been standing at the peak of the continent, but now she was so weak that she could not even make this man budge. 

Sensing her frustrations, Li Moyun just smiled lightly before he led her to his study room. Inside twenty-over shadow guards were standing straight with a respectful expression on their faces. 

Looking at this, Li Moyun nodded his head in satisfaction. 

“This is your madam,” he said, his voice filled with unquestionable dominance. 

“In the future you are to treat her as if you were treating me. Someone tried to poison her last night, your first task is to find me the one behind the attempt at your madams life!” 

Many of the shadow guards were displeased but they respected Li Moyun and he was a fierce demon in their eyes so they dared not go against his orders. 

Many of them gave a curious glance at Bai Rouyun, but she was acting a fool perfectly as she stood by Li Moyun’s side. 

“I need to enter the palace today. Stay in the mansion and don’t leave,” Li Moyun warned her. “The shadow guards here are the captains so everyone within the palace will know your position shortly. Also no one will ever speak a word of what happens inside to the outside world, so you don’t have to act the fool.”

“I want to cultivate,” Bai Rouyun wanted to take revenge on the people who had chased her down in her previous life. She was not accepting of her fate. 

“Then return to our room first,” Li Moyun said softly as he caressed her hair, “I will come back soon.”

Bai Rouyun was unable to fully get used to his touchy hands but she felt no repulsion, so she just let him be. 

Smiling happily she quickly moved back to the room and wanted to check her talents and plan her future. This was a second chance in life and she was not willing to let it go. 

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