Forsaken Immortals Chapter 5 – Primal Chaos Pagoda

Bai Rouyun returned to the room that she had shared with Li Moyun the previous night, and a slight smile played on her lips. She had been playing with death today, but luckily she had emerged victorious.

She was still unsure of many things. How many years had passed while she was dead? She did not doubt that she was in the same world because a single glance at the other people made her able to see that even a simple maid within this palace was at the innate realm of cultivation.

Clearly, this Yun Palace was not as simple as she had thought at first. 

Although logic told her that the master of this palace was a dangerous man, a man that even she in her prime would have had problems facing, she was not too bothered. He had not shown much killing intent, and now it seemed he had approved of her playing the role of his wife.

Bai Rouyun sat down on the bed and began contemplating. She was a soul that had resurrected in the body of a dead woman. This woman had been killed by poison, and it was clear that while Li Moyun was currently in favor of her if he changed his mind, she would not know how she had died.

It was best to act like a good little wife for some time. At least she had numerous skills and techniques to hide her cultivation base, so that no one would be able to see through it. 

Bai Rouyun sighed to herself and found a mirror to look into. The woman who was staring at her was immensely beautiful. She had phoenix eyes, that were black as the sea at nighttime, shimmering as if the moonlight was reflected within. 

Her hair was long and silky, smooth, and very comfortable to the touch. Her face was petite but perfectly moulded; she was simply the most stunning woman she had ever seen before. 

Even her skin was as perfect as jade; it was impossible to find even the slightest flaw in her appearance. Also, a former beauty like Bai Rouyun was immensely pleased with her current appearance. 

After finishing the inspection of her new expression, she began looking through the entire room in clue of what year it was. Unfortunately, no info was found, and she eventually moved back to the bed. 

Here she was seated for some time, deep in thought. She was deciding upon which cultivation technique would be most suitable for her.

Bai Rouyun was known as a madwoman. She was not a part of any sect or family, she was an independant cultivator, and her entire fortune and strength came from dancing with death time and time again.

She would enter danger zones, forbidden areas, and graves in search of treasures and fortunate encounters to enhance her strength, and she had succeeded, becoming a figure that had stood at the peak of the realm.

Originally her strength had been built on commonplace cultivation techniques that she had merged and replaced, resulting in her cultivation base being somewhat unreliable. 

Now that she had a second chance, she was going to ensure that her foundation was unbreakable, that she would be able to walk up to those sects and families that chased her and wash their residence with their blood.

Just as she was deep in thought, a voice sounded in her mind, “I know a technique.” 

Looking around, Bai Rouyun was shocked. Where had that voice come from? “Stop looking, I am inside of you,” it continued with a bit of fatigue in the voice.

“Are you the dumb girl?” Bai Rouyun could not help but ask, but the voice quickly answered her, “You are a dumb girl! Your whole family is dumb girls!” 

Hearing the anger in the voice, she laughed slightly embarrassed, waiting for it to continue.

“Look at your wrist. Pour your spiritual energy into the mark, and you will enter the Primal Chaos Pagoda. I cannot talk with you like this for long since it drains my energy, but once you enter, we can talk everything through.”

Bai Rouyun heard that the voice was indeed exhausted, and she lifted her two wrists, only to see that she had a small pagoda-shaped tattoo on her right wrist. 

Connecting the dots, she instantly knew that this Primal Chaos Pagoda was the artifact treasure she had gotten from the Nine Cloud Emperor’s Grave.

Had it resurrected with her? 

Without wasting any time, she instantly poured her spiritual energy into the small mark on her wrist, and suddenly her entire body vanished from the room and entered the world of the Primal Chaos Pagoda.

What greeted Bai Rouyun was a big meadow with luxurious green grass spreading towards a mountain rage that kept the field isolated from everything else. 

In the middle of the meadow was a big lake. The crystal clear water glistening under the sun, and a small hut was placed next to the lake. 

Outside the hut was a small boy, who seemed to be around three years old, but while the body was that of a child, the eyes were showing that this child had seen the vicissitudes of life. 

“You came,” he said, as he looked at Bai Rouyun with a complicated expression. 

“You told me how to get here. Why wouldn’t I come?” Bai Rouyun returned his question with another question, and the child shook his head.

“This is the first floor of the ninth floored Primal Chaos Pagoda,” he explained. “I am the artifact spirit, and since the pagoda has connected itself to you, I am now your servant.”

Bai Rouyun looked at him before a smile flitted across her lips. “Such a cute child, come call me mommy!” 

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