Forsaken Immortals Chapter 6 – Primal Chaos Technique

The artifact spirit’s expression instantly crumbled, and it realized just why the Primal Chaos Pagoda had accepted Bai Rouyun as it’s master. 

She was a lunatic, much like the man who had created it once upon a time. 

Why could he not get a normal master for once? Why did they have to be insane every single time? He was the artifact spirit, but he had no choice on who the artifact choose as its master. All he could do was follow, and he was so sad that he wished to sit down and cry.

But he did not succumb to the sudden urge to cry. Instead, he took a step forward, “the reason I am a child right now is that your strength is simply too weak.

“The stronger you get, the more of the Primal Chaos Pavilion you will be able to access. At the same time, you will also be capable of reaching the upper floors. This is the first floor of the Primal Chaos Pavilion, and it is made for planting and growing medicinal herbs.

“If you will follow me into the hut, then you can contract with my old master’s furnace. I have had many masters before you, and they have done every profession in the world. Some of them were alchemists; some were formation masters. There were inscription masters, armament masters, and even beast tamers.

“This first floor focuses on alchemy. The water in the lake is spiritual liquid, it can restore Qi, and if you use it to water the herbs, you will be able to cultivate herbs much faster than outside this world. One day is like a year to the herbs, and if you wait a hundred days, you will have a hundred-year-old herb.

“This only applies to the herbs though, your time inside here is currently similar to the time spent outside. So make sure that when you enter the Primal Chaos World, you have the time to be here. Otherwise, people might be confused when they can’t find you in the outside world.”

Bai Rouyun nodded her head. 

“I can look into trying some herb cultivation later, and then attempt alchemy, but right now I need a cultivation Technique. I have quite a few to pick from, but you said you had one?” She asked the child, and the child nodded his head.

“Since you are the master of the Primal Chaos Pavilion, it will be best for you to cultivate the Primal Chaos Technique. It is not limited to the Acquired and Innate Realm; even the Ascended realms can practice this technique.”

Hearing an unfamiliar word, Bai Rouyun looked at the child with furrowed brows. “Ascended Realms?” 

Knowing that he had spoken too much, he clamped up like an oyster and said no more. Instead, he lifted his hand, and a white beam of light shot into Bai Rouyun’s head.

The Primal Chaos Technique was now etched into her mind. 

“I better return now. Xiao Bao, don’t worry, I will be back soon,” she promised the child with a brilliant smile on her face, and the child, who was suddenly named Xiao Bao, was stunned as he watched her leave.

When Bai Rouyun returned to the room, she scanned the palace with her mind, only to realize that it seemed as if Li Moyun had not returned yet. Taking a deep breath in relief, she sat down cross-legged on the bed and began cultivating. 

Bai Rouyun drew the heaven and earth essence from the surrounding air into her body and refined it in accordance to the Primal Chaos Technique. 

She took breath after breath, absorbing more and more essence and refining it all into Qi, which gathered within her dantian. 

It was clear that the reason she had not cultivated before was due to her situation. Her talent shocked even Bai Rouyun. 

Although she had been considered a genius in her previous life, this was nothing compared to how the current Bai Rouyun could cultivate. 

It was like a whale swallowing water, essence from all over Yun Palace rushed to her room, and while Bai Rouyun was utterly oblivious to it, her cultivation was causing a stir and shock amongst the many people within the palace.

Fortunately, it was merely within the palace, so no one outside noticed anything. However, maids and shadow guards all followed the strange absorption, only to be led right outside the wedding chambers for Bai Rouyun and their master. 

Seeing this, all of them had strange glances in their eyes. What exactly was going on? 

While all of them had heard from their captains and the other maids that Bai Rouyun was not as expected, they were all unprepared for her to absorb all essence like this. 

Was she some kind of monster? How had she suddenly changed to become a normal individual with an outstanding talent? 

All of the people present were cultivators. They knew what it meant to absorb such quantities of essence; only geniuses could do this. Had she been pretending up until now? 

If she had been pretending to be a fool, then her acts were too flawless. Not to mention her personality too treacherous. Everyone felt a cold chill in their hearts at that thought. 

If such a person had evil thoughts about their Lord, would their Yun Palace’s secrets not be shared with all? 

Killing intent brewed in the eyes of the shadow guards and the maids. They could never allow their Lord to be endangered, and this woman was no good.

They all knew he had married her because she was mute, deaf, and dumb. Now that he knew she was not, he had personally protected her at breakfast. Had this woman enchanted him last night when they shared their bridal chamber? 

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