Forsaken Immortals Chapter 7 – Pitiful Woman

While the guards were contemplating their next action, Bai Rouyun was utterly unaware of the uproar she was causing in the Yun Palace.

If she knew that the maids had deemed her a fox spirit, and even the guards were considering getting rid of her, she would have been wanting to cry but have no tears. 

She had done nothing last night! All she had done was talk with Li Moyun. And then she had been reborn. She held no hostility towards the Yun Palace, and right now, she even saw herself as being dependant on it to live a peaceful life.

These guards and the maids with higher rank within the Yun Palace gathered outside the bridal chamber, their eyes flashing with coldness and killing intent. 

“Should we kill her?” someone asked with a low voice, and while the others wanted to agree, they kept silent. It was only a short while earlier that their master had made them accept her as their madam. If they killed her, their punishment could be imagined. 

“The master will never allow us to touch a hair on her head,” one of the maids said hesitatingly. 

“The master is blinded by her beauty. She has to be a cunning woman to have pretended to have been deaf, mute, and dumb for so long.” The guard who spoke first was not willing to give up. He was not pleased with this woman who had invaded their palace and now caused an uproar. 

The others were tempted by what he said. It was true that their master’s orders were impossible to go against, but this was different. This woman posed a danger to the master, so killing her would remove a threat. 

“Even if master wishes to punish us, he will give us a fairly light punishment,” the guard continued. “After all, who matters most to him is undeniable. We have been by his side for so many years. We are his maids and shadow guards, and the Eternal Shadow Palace would be severely crippled if something happened to us, so the master would never make it too difficult for us. On the other hand, is a woman who has just emerged recently. 

“If he had known about her not being mute or deaf or dumb, he would never have accepted the marriage. As such, we are doing him a favor by getting rid of her.”

The guard was getting more and more righteous. The more he spoke, his chest was sticking out, and his eyes filled with certainty. He knew that his master would never punish them.

“Are you certain about this?” a voice suddenly sounded, stunning everyone in the hall. The man who had spoken could feel a forceful coercion on his body, the aura that was pressing down on him was making it near impossible for him even to keep standing.

His body was trembling, and his back was soaked in cold sweat. Why had their master arrived now, and why was he so angry? 

“Mas… Master… Why are you so angry? It is that woman who has tricked you! She pretended to be a mute, deaf, and dumb woman just to enter the Yun Palace! We cannot allow such a dangerous woman to wander around in our palace; she might cause us unimaginable injury!” 

“What did I say earlier today?” Li Moyun asked, his voice cold and filled with endless killing intent. 

“She… She is our madam,” one of the maids answered, her body trembling and her face pale. The guard who had been asked was unable even to utter a word, the coercion and the killing intent that was pressuring him was enough to keep him trembling and unable to say a word. 

“Is this how you treat your madam?” He continued to ask, and the others finally realized that this woman was much more important in the hearts of their master than they had expected. 

“No… We will never dare to treat her like this again.” the maid said. The others quickly nodded their heads and felt that although they weren’t happy with Bai Rouyun, now that she was here, and had the master’s backing, she could not be too bad.

Also, the master would never threaten the Eternal Shadow Palace, so if he said she was not dangerous, then she wasn’t someone who would cause danger to their faction.

While the majority accepted their master’s words without any kind of questioning, the guard, who was currently using his entire strength to not collapse on the floor, was not satisfied, nor comforted by the master’s favoritism towards this new woman. 

Bai Rouyun, who had been cultivating in the bridal chambers, finally head the sounds of something happening outside, and she opened the door, only to be met by a large group of people. 

She recognized Li Moyun instantly and looked at him with a quizzical expression, her confusion making her appearance impossible not to find adorable, even the women found that their hearts softened when they looked at her. 

How could they antagonize a poor woman? She had likely experienced heinous difficulties for her to have to protect herself in such a desperate way as to pretend to be dumb, deaf, and mute. 

Seeing the pitiful gazes that the majority were sending her way made Bai Rouyun feel a chill run down her spine. What were these women thinking about? 

It was not only Bai Rouyun who saw the strange change in attitude, Li Moyun noticed it too, and the corner of his lips twitched. Why were his handpicked maids who had hearts of steel suddenly looking at his wife as if they saw a drowning puppy? 

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