Forsaken Immortals Chapter 8 – Shameless, Li Moyun

Bai Rouyun was stunned when she saw their expressions, and she felt quite helpless. 

“Then… Then I will return to the room?” she said in a meek voice, feeling slightly uncomfortable with the extreme attention she was getting.

Li Moyun glanced at the shadow guard who had tried to edge the others to attack Bai Rouyun, and his eyes turned cold. “Send him to the punishment hall, strip him of his rank as a captain and deal with him.”

Although Li Moyun did not say it directly, the punishment he was getting would be impossible to survive. Since he had stripped him of his rank as a captain, he would never allow him to escape the punishment as he might feel unhappy and betray Li Moyun. 

Everyone knew that Li Moyun was ruthless and cold, but they had never expected that the punishment he meted out this time would be so unfeeling. 

This man had been with Li Moyun for years, but now he was being abolished as if he meant nothing to him. Although they knew he was cold, they had not expected it to be to such a degree. 

Bai Rouyun, on the other hand, looked at him with appreciation. This decisiveness was right up her alley. 

Previously that day, Li Moyun had made her status as the madam of the house known, but now he was not only questioning her but also going against Li Moyun’s orders. As such, it was not such an unexpected result. 

Seeing the appreciation within Bai Rouyun’s eyes, Li Moyun instantly understood that they were the same sort of people. Even without explaining why he had made the decision he had, she had understood him.

The feeling of finding a person who understood him so well, it was marvelous, and he suddenly felt that this Bai Rouyun was many times more pleasing to the eye than the dumb girl that covered in fear the moment she saw him. 

“All of you are dismissed,” Li Moyun said as he moved next to Bai Rouyun, snaked his arm around her thin waist, and dragged her into his embrace. 

“Why don’t we go talk about something private?” he asked with a husky voice so alluring that even Bai Rouyun felt her knees go weak. But her face blushed furiously, how could he say something so suggestive in front of so many of his servants! It was scandalous!

Although she was shameless, she had never seen anyone with such a thick face as Li Moyun, and she could only concede. 

As they entered the bridal chamber, Bai Rouyun managed to sneak out of his embrace, and she put a distance between them as she was on high alert. 

“What do you want?” she asked with narrowed eyes. Currently, her appearance resembled that of a small hedgehog who had risen its spikes. 

“This? Oh, this was already supposed to happen,” he said, dragging the words, causing Bai Rouyun’s scalp to go numb. This man could not have thought of some lecherous things, could he? 

Seeing her expression crack slightly, he smiled and shook his head. Then he looked at her again with narrowed eyes. 

“I left four hours ago,” he stated as he looked at her, making Bai Rouyun perplexed. What did that matter? 

“In those four hours, you have gone from someone without any cultivation to have entered the threshold of an Acquired Realm, initiate Earth Realm cultivator.”

Hearing his words, Bai Rouyun made a quick check on her body, and then her eyes flashed with a strange light. Why had she not noticed the breakthrough? 

Seeing the queer expression on Bai Rouyun’s face, he realized that she had not noticed the breakthrough, and even he was feeling somewhat odd. Was she some sort of a monster? 

“What technique do you cultivate?” Li Moyun knew that one’s cultivation technique was a very secret, but she had already admitted to being a spirit, what else could she possibly be wanting to hide from him? 

But unfortunately for Li Moyun, Bai Rouyun had an even bigger secret than her spirit possession. That was the Primal Chaos Pagoda. 

Even though Li Moyun was not hostile towards her right now, if he knew that she had a treasured artifact like the Primal Chaos Pagoda, then she would undoubtedly die in his arms. 

“Why were those maids and shadow guards pitying me before?” Bai Rouyun was not able to answer his question, so instead, she tried changing the subject.

Noticing her dodging the question, Li Moyun frowned. Why would she not tell him the truth? 

“Don’t try to change the subject,” Li Moyun said, annoyed by the fact that she was hiding something from him, but also unable to pressure her, as he was afraid of suddenly scaring her. 

“Can I not answer that question?” Bai Rouyun looked at him pleadingly. “I will answer it in the future, but I am afraid of doing so right now,” she said. 

Hearing that she would tell him eventually, Li Moyun suddenly felt a lot better. It was not so important to know her cultivation technique as he was not willing to change the one he had. 

“Okay, I will let it be, but one day you will have to tell me.” There was a pampering light in his eyes as he said this, and Bai Rouyun breathed in heavily to calm her frazzled nerves. 

Just as Bai Rouyun was about to say something, a knock came on the door, and while Bai Rouyun was curious, Li Moyun’s face turned black. He had been so suggestive outside the door, but they still wanted to interrupt his good deeds? What could possibly be so important?

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