Forsaken Immortals Chapter 9 – General's Household

Seeing the black face of Li Moyun, Bai Rouyun could not help but giggle happily. It was simply too fun seeing his appearance chance like this in just a moment. 

“See how I punish you later!” he said to her, but his words did not carry with them the same domineering attitude as he had when treating his servants. Instead, it was filled with helplessness and indulgence. 

His words just made Bai Rouyun giggle even more before she stood up and pushed him towards the door.

“Someone has come to disturb you; it has to be very important,” she said, trying to hide the gloating in her face. It was not very successful. 

Lu Moyun shook his head and smiled gently as he opened the door, only to find a shadow guard kneeling outside. 

“My Lord, Madam. We have found out who was behind the poisonous drug from last night.” 

The shadow guard looked at Bai Rouyun with shock in his eyes. This poison should be impossible to cure unless one was an expert cultivator, but she was clearly unharmed. How had she survived? 

Looking at his shocked gaze, Bai Rouyun said nothing, but a cold gleam flashed past her eyes. Who was it that had killed the body’s original host? 

Although she had gained no memories from the body, she still felt that the body’s owner deserved revenge. This was after all the least she could do now that she had taken over the body. 

Even Li Moyun’s face turned solemn, and he took Bai Rouyun’s hand before looking at the shadow guard, “follow me,” he said to both of them, and then they moved towards the study room.

The study room was the best-protected room in the entire Yun Palace. Not only were there people outside safeguarding it, but Li Moyun had also gotten someone to place down formations all around it to protect it. 

No one outside could hear what was being said inside, no matter what strength they held. At the same time, no one could break into the room, apart from an Innate Realm, Violet Stage, Seventh Layered cultivator. 

But these cultivators were as few in the entire world, that they could be counted on one hand. Hence he did not have to worry about them. As long as no one went to insult them and their dear ones, they would never act against him, not to mention no one knew that the Yun Palace and the Yun Prince was the Lord behind the Eternal Shadow Palace.

As they entered the study, Li Moyun moved towards a couch on the side, where he gently seated Bai Rouyun, before he himself sat behind the big desk. 

The shadow guard stood politely in front of the desk, his hands sweating slightly, but his face filled with reverence. Every member of the Eternal Shadow Palace revered their Lord as if he was a god. 

“Speak,” Li Moyun’s entire focus was on the Shadow Guard in front of him. He was curious as to who had the guts to try and kill his new wife and even succeeded. If not for the fact that Bai Rouyun had taken over her body, then he would have been a cruel monster who murdered an innocent bride, as no one would believe it was not his work that she died. 

At the same time, he felt pain whenever he remembered the sheer quantity of blood that had been dropped on the floor in the bedchambers. Although it had been cleared away long ago, it pricked his heat to know she had been poisoned. 

“My Lord, it was the General’s houseshold,” The Shadow Guard glanced at Bai Rouyun at that moment to see her reaction, but contrary to what one might expect, she was completely calm and not a ripple could be seen in her eyes.

Bai Rouyun had no memories of the previous body’s life, so she was unaware that the General’s household actually was her old home. Hence she did not react. 

However, in the eyes of the shadow guard, it seemed as if she was not surprised by this turn of events. How had she been treated over the years not to make her disappointed over something so severe as being poisoned by her own family? 

His eyes sparkled with pity as he glanced at the woman, and he decided that their new Madam was a person he would protect with all his life. 

The pitiful expression appeared on yet another guard’s face, and Bai Rouyun was so puzzled as to why they were pitying her so much, so she could not help but glance at Li Moyun, clearly begging him to help her get rid of those pitying gazes. 

Unfortunately, Li Moyun was busy contemplating and did not have the time to change his guard’s thoughts. Instead, his finger gently tabbed on the tabletop and caused a regular thrumming to be heard. 

“Who in the General Household is involved in the incident?” Li Moyun asked, his voice was dangerously low, and the Shadow Guard could feen the threatening air from his master’s body. The Lord was furious. 

“The Second Madam was the one who purchased the poison. The Fourth Madam was the one who fed Madam the poison. Their children, the seventh and third miss Bai, were also involved.”

“I see. What a good Bai family, not only killing their own flesh and blood but also harming this Lord’s wife! If I do not get revenge, my name is not Li Moyun!” 

Hearing him make such an oath in anger, Bai Rouyun was shocked, killing their own Flesh and Blood? Could it be that the General’s Household was her original home? 

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