PCS Chapter 1 – Primeval Chaos System

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Qin Meixing closed her eyes in despair. She could feel the pain that was wreaking havoc in her body, and while she tried her best to escape, she knew it was impossible. She had been tied to the surgery table, and escape was futile.

She was only eighteen years old now, but it seemed that her life was about to end. She did not know how many had tried this surgery before her, but she knew that no one had managed to survive it so far. 

In a way, she was saddened by this fact, but on the other hand, she was also relieved. 

She was sad that she could not personally take down all those bastards who had caused her so much grief, but on the other hand, it was a relief to finally say farewell to this life that was even worse than a dog’s.

As she felt the excruciating pain of her soul being dragged from her body, her mind began wandering. Was this it? The end of her life? 

If so, she wanted to be reminded of the best days of her life, her childhood. When she was a child, she was adored and loved by her family. While her parents were not wealthy, they never lacked anything and were able to live a fulfilled life. 

Although she remembered her childhood, she could not help but think of her parents, even though she did not remember what they looked like. All she could remember was a vague outline of two attractive figures. 

These two important people had died when she was merely four years old, leaving her to be sent to an orphanage. 

Her world collapsed, and during her time at the orphanage she was always seen as a depressed and sad child. However, she was not there for long; a few months after being sent to the orphanage, she and many other kids were sent to a research facility.

This was not an ordinary research facility but one that specialized in creating superhumans. 

As such, the children were sent through one test after another. They learned everything possible, from killing to saving lives. Their brains were being stimulated with drugs, and they could eventually sustain themselves with merely one hour of sleep a day.

From the time that Qin Meixing entered the facility, she had never been outside of it, and now it had been fourteen years since she had arrived. 

In the beginning, she had hoped that she would become one of the first to succumb, but she did not. It turned out that she had an extremely tenacious will to live, and cleared every trial and task much faster than the others. 

This was also why she had been picked for the newest test, the Primeval Chaos System. 

The Primeval Chaos System was supposed to be an artificial intelligence, but no one knew exactly where it came from or what exactly was its purpose. The doctors of the research facility had just been ordered to infuse it into the soul of their test subjects. If it was a failed merge, they should give up the soul of the test subject, and let the system survive.

Initially, the facility had been against using Qin Meixing as an experimental target for this system, but they were not given any choice as the higher-ups ordered them to try it out. 

Qin Meixing was feeling her body rupturing, her soul igniting, and everything was so painful that she wished to pass out, but she couldn’t. 

It was as if every inch of her soul was being ripped apart and slowly stitched back together.

[Loading… Loading…]

She suddenly heard a weird emotionless voice in her head, and she almost blacked out, but she gritted her teeth and stayed awake; she wanted to see what they had planned for her.

[Host found… Synchronizing… Synchronizing…]

The pain began to subside, but every inch of her body was drenched in a cold sweat, and her body was so sore and aching that she could not move even a finger.

[Looking for errors. No Errors Found. Transfering the Primeval Chaos System to the Host.]

[Danger Approaching! Transmigration initiated. Searching for a possible vessel for the Host. Vessel found. Targeting Zhanshi World, Doushi Continent, Xiyang Empire. Qin Meixing, sixteen years old, died less than a minute ago.]

Before Qin Meixing realized what was happening, the world began spinning. Her head was hurting as if it would burst, and when she woke up, she was suddenly lying on a dirty bed.

The bed was ancient; everything was different from how it looked when she died; this was a completely different world.

Remembering the words that had appeared in her mind before she suddenly changed, her expression turned odd. Transmigration? 

Was such a thing possible? 

But looking around, it was.

[Welcome Host number seven hundred and ninety-seven.]

“Who are you?” Qin Meixing narrowed her eyes as she ignored the pain in the body of the person she had taken over. Although the beating she had received was heavy, it was not something she could not handle. 

[I am the artificial intelligence of the Primeval Chaos System,] the emotionless voice sounded in her head again. [I am now merged with your soul. I will issue tasks and missions, which will allow you to level up. Each mission and task provides you with two kinds of points. One is Experience Points, which I use to level up. The other is Mission Points, which you can exchange in the Point Shop for exciting rewards.]

“Can I get rid of you?” Qin Meixing could not trust the system, and her eyes narrowed slightly.

[You can,] the system answered honestly. [This Primeval Chaos System allows me to become human. The higher I level up, the better the rewards you get, but it also means that I can be born as a living being when I reach level one hundred.]

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