PCS Chapter 10 – Ice Spirit Root

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Qin Meixing looked around her courtyard. She was not at ease with ingesting the Monarch Cleansing Pill as things were. Anyone could walk in on her when she was in her most vulnerable state, and she could easily be killed then.

“System, can you set up an array to ensure that no one can enter my courtyard while I detoxify the poison?” Qin Meixing could not help but hope that there was such a result. She had gained thirty points in all but had used nine of them, leaving her with twenty-one points. 

[I have the ability to put up an array, which will make it impossible for people to enter for a day. However, the cost is rather steep; it costs seven mission points]

Qin Meixing descended into thought, but after contemplating for a moment, she nodded her head. “Points are useless if I am dead; I am buying the array.”

[Confirm purchase of a protective array, lasting one day.]


A strange ripple of energy spread from Qin Meixing’s body, and she soon felt as if she was within a bell, cut off from the rest of the world.

She smiled, satisfied, and took one of the pills out of her qiankun bag before she slowly placed it in her mouth.

The pill gradually dissolved, and the herbal scent from within was released. She felt refreshing foreign energy pour through her body, but moments after that the fresh feeling was replaced by unimaginable pain. 

The energy had reached her spirit root, where all the poison had gathered. The pain of having the poison pulled out from her spirit root was so excruciating that Qin Meixing, who had undergone many pains and challenges in her past life, was growing pale, and sweat beaded on her forehead. 

She knew that the pain she would experience would be overwhelming, but she was shocked by how intense it was.

Her entire body was trembling non-stop, as the Nine Yin Poison in her system was slowly forced out. 

She felt a greasy black liquid being forced out of her pores, and the sticky feeling made her feel disgusted. 

Even so, she persevered. She sat through the awful experience of feeling root after root of the poison being pulled out. It was as if someone was pulling on a tree, and continuing to pull until the roots were out. The pain she felt was unimaginable. 

Her hand was clenched into a fist in her lap, and the nails dug into her palm, not at all allowing her to feel any sense of relief. 

The terrible feeling that was wreaking havoc in her body lasted for a full night. The Nine Yin Poison had been in her system since she was a baby, and it had taken root in her spirit root. Cleansing it was no easy feat. 

But as the sun’s rays shone past the rooftops in the Qin residence, Qin Meixing finally opened her eyes, looking at herself, and felt some disgust. 

Her clothes were completely black, her skin was covered in a black putrid grease-like material, and the floor where she had been seated was also full of this black goo. 

“Bath! I need a bath!” Qin Meixing was eager to quickly wash herself, so she did not even call for a maid or servant, but fetched water herself, after which she quickly rinsed all the black stuff off her body. 

When she finished rinsing, she heated up a whole bathtub full of warm water, where she then sunk into the comfortable warmth. She enjoyed how her muscles, which had been taut and agonized throughout the night, finally relaxed. 

The soft water was so relaxing that she fell asleep, and it was not before the water had cooled down that she awoke again. 

Her stomach was growling, and she looked at her skin. Previously she had been a beauty, but due to her fear of being recognized, she had not left the Qin Mansion without a veil; she never really went anywhere either. But now her skin was tender and white, like porcelain and jade. 

Now that she looked at herself, she realized that she was practically glowing with health and beauty. The last sickly bit had been washed away alongside the Nine Yin Poison. 

She quickly dressed before she cleaned the bedroom of the foul and disgusting black goo that had fallen from her body, and after doing so, she found that she needed another bath before she could see anyone. 

It took her half a day to finish her clean up, and only then did she have time to turn her eyes towards the Spirit Root in her dantian. 

She had already realized that she had merely one spirit root, but one was also better than none, especially since she could buy them from the system’s point store. 

She was bound to become a five spirit root cultivator at some point, so now she just wanted to examine the one inborn spirit root that she had.

Upon closer inspection, she could not help but frown. This spirit root did not seem to look like any other spirit roots, it was more white than blue, and it seemed as if it was frozen.

[Dearest host,] the system’s voice sounded in Qin Meixing’s head. [This is a water spirit root; however, due to the constant corroding of the Yin energy, it has mutated. It is more correct to call it an ice spirit root now.]

“An ice spirit root,” Qin Meixing was quite stunned when she found out that it had mutated, but she was not against it. Ice was also a useful element, and while it was less flexible than water, it had much a better attacking power. 

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