PCS Chapter 11 – Heavenly Jade Physique

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The spirit root was always one of the five elements: Fire, Wood, Metal, Earth, or Water. To have an ice spirit root that was a mutation and was so rare that it had never happened before was incredible.

Qin Meixing was deep in thought as she looked at her spirit root. The entire dantian area had previously been the nest for the Nine Yin Poison, but now that it had vanished, the whole dantian was empty, only holding one small spirit root that seemed to be made from ice.

[Dearest host, you have completed the mission of purging the poison in Qin Meixing’s body, you are now being rewarded fifty experience points and fifteen mission points. You now have a total of twenty-nine mission points.]

Qin Meixing nodded her head, feeling quite pleased; she was on her way towards the hundred mission points so that she could buy her second spirit root!

However, just as she thought she had many mission points, the voice of the system rang out again.

[Congratulations to the host. The host has managed to succeed in purifying the dantian and the spirit root; however, to cultivate, you need a cultivation technique. You have a few options. One is to use the cultivation technique that all can access; it is the lowest grade cultivation technique and cannot completely purify the heaven and earth essence, causing some impurities.]

[Another option is to use the technique that belongs to the Qin family, but you will have to prove your cultivation talent to do this, not to mention it is not the best, as small bits of impurities will stay in the Qi.]

[The final option is to spend fifteen mission points and buy the Heavenly Jade Physique and the connected Heavenly Jade Technique. The physique is very rare, and it purifies all energy to perfection. Coupled with the Heavenly Jade Technique, the speed of cultivation can be improved drastically.]

[The Primeval Chaos System has picked this physique, as it is the most compatible with your body and mind.]

Qin Meixing was suddenly at a loss. She had just gotten those fifteen points, but she had to use them immediately.

She knew that she had to go for what had the most long-term benefits to her, and that would without a doubt be to get the Heavenly Jade Physique and the accompanying cultivation technique. 

So although her heart was hurting from doing so, she closed her eyes and said with a pain-filled voice, “System, I wish to do the transaction for the Heavenly Jade Physique and the Heavenly Jade Technique.”

[Confirm your purchase,] the voice of the system sounded in her head again, and Qin Meixing took a deep breath before saying, “I confirm.”

A white glow enveloped her entire body, and moments after, she felt her body changing. She could feel every cell in her body being reborn, and while she had expected it to be painful, it was actually refreshing. It felt as if she had a closer connection to nature and to the energy surrounding her. 

Getting the Heavenly Jade Physique was not at all painful, but actually very comfortable, and it took a very short time. The white glow that had enveloped her body slowly focused on her forehead, where it shot into her brain and imprinted the Heavenly Jade Technique.

[Dearest host, you now have fourteen mission points left,] the sound of the system was as emotionless as always. Still, Qin Meixing had started to realize that there were some emotions hidden behind the voice, and she was becoming better at understanding it. 

[New mission! Take ten of your Monarch Cleansing Pills and sell them at the Golden Hall Auction House. Make a name for yourself as a genius alchemist in the Xiyang Empire. The reward is five hundred experience points and twenty mission points. Green-colored mission.]

Qin Meixing was shocked when she heard the outstanding reward. Not only would she earn the gold from the auction, but she would also get mission points and experience points! This was like pies dropping from the sky.

“Hey, system, can I buy access to the Spiritual Flame if I wish to refine more pills before I get access to the Fire and Wood Spiritual Roots?” Qin Meixing had been thinking about this since she had finished refining the pills. 

Although it was more expensive to buy the flame this way, it was a temporary solution to help her finances grow, and also help her purchase and create resources for her cultivation journey. 

[Yes, you are always welcome to purchase the Spiritual Flame through the Point Store,] the system said, and Qin Meixing felt happy. 

She was about to begin cultivating when her grumbling stomach reminded her of the fact that she had not eaten for a long time, so she hurriedly left the courtyard and ran to the kitchen where she once again got some steamed buns. 

After gobbling down three steamed buns and a glass of soy milk, she hurried back to the courtyard and sat down, entering the cultivation trance. 

She wanted to step into the Body Tempering First Layer before she went to the Golden Hall Auction House. 

She had no idea how much time she should expect it to take, but since the mission had no time limit, she was not in a hurry. She guided the energy through her meridians as the technique had taught her, and she felt how her dantian slowly acquired small threads of energy, which began circulating the frozen spirit root. 

Her energy was rapidly increasing, the physique that she had bought indeed lived up to its name, and after spending merely half a day, her body produced a strange sound, and she stood up smiling. She had broken through to the first layer of the Body Tempering rank.

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